Chile is the land of adventures and serendipity, and a visit to this gorgeous country is well worth it! All you need to do is, fulfil the Chile visa requirements and fly to this beautiful country, bookended by the Pacific ocean on one side and the Andes mountain ranges on the other! Apart from the colossal natural beauty that you find here, Chile is also famous for its hospitality and wine culture. So, you can look forward to spending some amazing time in the Patagonian setting!

Remember that there are different types of visas and you need to choose the right one and apply for it. If you’re planning to travel to Chile for tourism or leisure, you can choose the Chilean tourist visa, if you have a job offer there, you can apply for a work visa, and if you are planning to visit there for your business purposes, you will require the Business visa. Once you’re clear about your purpose of visit and have chosen the right type of visa, you can start collecting the mandatory Chile visa requirements as well as the supporting documents for the visa.

Mandatory Chile visa requirements for all visas

In order to visit Chile, there are some mandatory Chile visa requirements that you’ll need to fulfil, apart from the more specific requirements based on the nature and purpose of your visit. The mandatory requirements remain the same for all types of visas. So, here’s the checklist of mandatory Chile visa requirements that you can refer to:

1) Visa Application: The visa application is the most important document that needs to be submitted while applying for a visa. This is the reference for all the documents that you’ll be submitting. So, remember to fill the details with absolute honesty and sincerity. The visa application should be filled online and all the supporting documents should be uploaded to the respective slots allocated in the online application itself.
2) Passport Requirements: Along with the visa application, you need to submit your original passport. Don’t forget to check for the validity of the passport, as Chilean Embassy does not accept the passport if it is not valid for 6 months after your return from Chile. Also, ensure that there is at least one blank page for the Chilean visa stamp to be marked.
3) Photo Requirements: You have to submit one recent Passport-sized photograph, which is in colour, with the frontal view of your face on a light & plain background.
4) Proof of Travel Arrangements: The flight ticket is not mandatory to show the travel arrangement for your onward and return journey, as it could be very risky in case of tentative dates. A printed flight itinerary from a reputed travel agency such as VRS would be enough to show the flight numbers as well as the entry and departure dates for your Chilean trip.
5) Hotel Confirmation: The arrangements for the entire duration of your stay in Chile should be made in advance. If you’re opting for a paid accommodation, the hotel reservation confirmation proof, which includes your name, confirmation code, hotel/resort’s name, address and contact details is required. In the case of staying at a friend’s/relative’s/sponsor’s place, you’ll need to obtain a letter of sponsorship and letter of invitation from the host.
6) Proof of Sufficient Funds: You need to prove that you have enough funds to support your entire tour. For this, you may submit your bank statement for the last 6 months or a letter from the bank, which shows the current funds that are available to you.
7) Address Proof and Proofs of Civil Status: You may submit your local ID proofs and documents to show your nationality/civil status. This could include your national ID proofs, ration card, electricity bill, property deeds, and marriage certificate/birth certificate.

Chile Visa Requirements based on Purpose of Visit

Based on the purpose of your visit, there are certain other mandatory documents that you’ll need to submit, along with the aforementioned Chile Visa requirements.

1) Business visa: If you’re planning to visit Chile for business purposes, you’ll need to fulfil certain additional Chile visa requirements, such as:
a) Official Invitation from the respective Chilean government agency, provided by your sponsor/company in Chile.
b) Invitation letter from the host company in Chile which is printed on the company letterhead.
c) Business Cover letter on your company’s letterhead, including all your details and the details of your visit, such as your name, sponsoring company/your employer, your designation, the purpose of visit, and the contact information of your company as well as the company in Chile. This letter has to be signed by your employer.
2) Tourist Visa: In order to travel to Chile for the purposes of leisure and tourism, you’ll need to obtain a Tourist visa by providing the following additional Chile visa requirements:
a) Detailed Tour Itinerary mentioning all the place you’ll be visiting, your accommodation during the period of visit, as well as the details about your plans on returning to your home country after the trip.
b) A travel authorization form signed by the parents or guardians, in case, the applicant is under 18 years of age. This authorization letter facilitates the minor to exit Chile once the trip is complete.
c) If you’re employed, a No Objection Letter from your employer, stating that they do not have any objection to your travel plans, your current designation in the company, your current salary, as well as your company’s address should be mentioned in the NOC. Ensure that this is printed on the company letterhead.
3) Work Visa: If you’re planning to stay in Chile for work, here is what you’ll need to submit, along with your other documents:
a) A letter from your employer, stating information about your hiring and job designation
b) Your work contract
c) Proof showing your highest education
d) Police report from your local Police Station
e) Medical Certificate showing that you’re healthy and don’t carry any communicable diseases
f) A total of 4 Passport-sized photographs
g) The company that is hiring you should also be situated in Chile should have a legal Chilean address.
4) Student Visa: While applying for a student visa, ensure that you have the following certificates:
a) Enrollment certificate from the university or school in Chile
b) The clearance certificate from your local police station
c) Medical Certificate showing that you’re healthy and medically fit

Despite this long list of Chile visa requirements, applying for Chile and getting your visa approval should be quite easy. There could be certain documents that you may find difficult to get, but don’t worry. At Flight Itinerary For Visa, we provide all sorts of visa assistance, such as obtaining a hotel reservation for visa or dummy flight reservation, so that you can apply for your visa without any hassles. So, just let us know about your requirements, choose your desired package and contact us using this link. Our visa experts will get back to you soon!

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