Are you planning your vacation to the Latin American countries? Costa Rica is definitely a great choice. Small yet incredibly diverse, Costa Rica has a lot to offer to its visitors. Whether you’re planning to visit the country on a tourist visa or arriving here for a business meeting, you shouldn’t miss out on a tour to the Caribbean coasts and Costa Rica’s exotic beaches, as well as a bird-watching session in its tropical rainforests! Before all this, you need to fulfil certain Costa Rica visa requirements in order to travel to Costa Rica. Also, the visa requirements also vary depending on certain other conditions and criteria. So, read on to know whether you need a visa to travel to Costa Rica, and if you need on, what are the Costa Rica visa requirements you’ll need to fulfil!

Visa Exemption For Costa Rica

Like many of the Latin American countries, Costa Rica also has a few exemptions. This means, not everyone needs to have a visa. If you have any of the following documents with you, you can also be exempt from the Costa Rica visa requirements:

1) The Entrance visa or Resident visa of all types except the transit visa for the US, Canada, Japan, South Korea, UK, and other European countries.
2) Uniform Schengen visa or resident visa for any Schengen country.
3) These visas should have a validity of at least 3 months on the day you arrive at Costa Rica.
If you meet these requirements, you can travel to Costa Rica and stay there for 30 days without a visa. In case you don’t have any of these visas or if you would like to stay for a longer period, you can get the Costa Rica visa requirements mentioned in the sections below.

Common Costa Rica Visa Requirements for all visa types

1) Visa Application: The visa application should be downloaded from the Costa Rica Embassy website. Here’s the link to it. It is recommended that you fill the form digitally, and then download it. Once you download the filled form, you can sign in the respective fields.
2) Passport: You will need a valid passport for applying for a visa. Check if your passport has
a) A validity of at least 3 months from the date you enter Costa Rica, and
b) At least two blank pages to mark your entry and exit from Costa Rica.
3) Photographs: You need to affix one photograph to the visa application form. Ensure that the photograph is a passport-sized photograph with at least 75-80% face coverage and has a plain, white background.
4) Covering letter: You need to write a covering letter addressing the embassy stating the purpose of visiting Costa Rica as well as your travel plans. You should also include details such as your full name, passport number, address, duration of stay in Costa Rica, dates of arrival and departure, the address of accommodation in Costa Rica. Once you’ve included all these information in the formal letter form, sign it and include the present date.
5) Leave Letter: Whether you’re working or pursuing studies, you will need to include the leave letter from your company or school/university authorities, along with your visa application form.
6) No Objection Letter from the company: The No Objection Letter from your company is a very important Costa Rica Visa Requirement that you’ll need to submit, along with the application. Along with the statement about the No Objection to your trip to Costa Rica, the NOC should include the details about your salary, designation, and must be printed on your company letterhead. It should also have the seal and signature from the respective authority.
7) Proof of Financial Health: In order to prove that you have sufficient means for sustenance, you’ll need to provide various documents showing your current financial status. The minimum savings in your account should be more than $2000. The documents that you can provide includes:
a) Bank statement for the past three months, duly signed by the banking authorities
b) Income Tax Returns Certificate for the past three years
c) Forex endorsement
8) Round-trip flight itinerary: The round-trip flight itinerary is also a mandatory Costa Rica Visa requirement that needs to be fulfilled in order to get your Visa approval. Since booking a flight ticket could be a risky affair in the case of tentative schedules, you can get a flight itinerary from a reputed visa agency, such as Flight Itinerary For Visa, instead.
9) Police report: The police clearance certificate is a must for getting the visa to Costa Rica.
10) Visa Fee: The visa fee for all the types of visas are USD 32. You need to submit this fee during the time you submit the application at the Embassy of Costa Rica or a consulate.

Additional Costa Rica Visa Requirements

Other than the mandatory requirements, there are certain documents that you need to submit in order to prove the purpose of your visit. Below are the documents you’ll require for a Tourist visa as well as for a Business visa:

1) Tourist visa:
a) Since you’re more likely to be opting for a paid accommodation, you’ll need to submit the proof of your stay in Costa Rica, such as the Hotel Reservation receipt or email from the accommodation provider in Costa Rica.
b) Day-to-day itinerary of the tourist places intended to visit
2) Business visa:
a) Letter of invitation from company in Costa Rica
b) Letter from the company that employs you
c) Reason for the trip
d) Proof of sponsorship
e) Letter from the Chamber of Commerce
f) Proof of existence of business

Once you have all these Costa Rica visa requirements in hand, you can apply for the visa without any further challenges. The application process, as well as the visa interview, should be quite smooth, and you’ll get your visa approval without fail, provided you submit all the valid proofs and documents mentioned in this article. In case you need any assistance regarding fulfilling the Costa Rica visa requirements, we’re here for you! We provide an extensive assistance for visa applicants, such as obtaining a travel insurance or flight reservation for visa. So, you can simply contact us using this link and choose your desired package. Our friendly support crew will take care of the rest!

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