Undertaking a travel abroad, whether it is for leisure tourism or for business purposes is both thrilling and stressful at the same time. The thrill is doubled when you’re visiting an Island such as Cyprus, which has a history and culture that spans over a 1000 years — yes, this is something that’s going to make your journey to Cyprus more inspiring. Worried about the Cyprus visa requirements and the formalities that you’ll need to fulfil in order to get there? Don’t fret. This article could be your ‘life & time-saver’, as we have enlisted every other Cyprus visa requirement you’ll need to submit at the Cyprus embassy while applying for a visa!

You can take a look at these tips to measure how soon you need to be getting ready with the documents. Even try making a checklist out of these, so that you don’t forget any of these before applying for a visa!

Before getting to the Cyprus visa requirements part, it is good to know that you don’t need a separate visa for Cyprus in case you have a valid double-entry Schengen visa or a multiple-entry Schengen visa on your passport. If you don’t have one, worry not. Here are the Cyprus visa requirements for various visa types.

Cyprus visa requirements for tourist visa

Most of the visa types have almost the same Cyprus visa requirements, except certain additional documents. For a tourist visa, it is just the following documents that need to be submitted, unless requested for more details by the Embassy. The other visa types also require the exact same documents, but with other requirements that are mentioned under the respective visa category.

1) Visa application form: As with the visa application to any other country, the application form is the most important Cyprus visa requirement, which needs to be filled, signed, and submitted to the Embassy. You can opt to fill the application digitally and then take a printout of it, sign it in the respective fields, and submit it at the embassy.
2) Original Passport: Your passport is the most important document you need to have during your international visit. So, in order to get the visa approval, your passport should be valid. This means it should have a validity that extends for a period of more than 6 months from the date you depart from Cyprus.
3) Passport-sized photographs: You need to have two photographs, which are in the internationally accepted passport format. Here are the additional specifications for the photograph:
a) It should be taken in colour.
b) It needs to be recent and should be easily identifiable with your face at the time of appearing for the visa interview
c) Your face needs to be completely shown. This includes removing any headgear.
d) Head covering is acceptable only in case of certain religious beliefs. Even so, your face needs to be completely shown without any covering.
e) Remember to have a plain and evenly lit background for the photograph.
4) Employment letter: If you’re employed, you need to provide the Employment letter from your company, along with your designation, salary, date of joining, and period of employment. In case you’re self-employed, the statement from your bank manager or the TIN/Registration number for your business should be included as proofs.
5) Proof of accommodation arrangement: The proof of accommodation is a very important document that needs to be submitted in order to assure that you have already planned your stay in Cyprus. You can provide your hotel reservation bill/receipt to prove this. In case you’re staying at a friend’s place, you need a letter of invitation from the host, along with the exact address and other communication details.
6) Flight reservation for visa: Similarly, the flight reservation is also a mandatory Cyprus visa requirement. It is not necessary that you buy the tickets for your journey without getting the dates confirmed. Instead, you can also opt to provide the flight itinerary from a recognized visa service provider, such as Flight Itinerary For Visa. You just need to ensure that the flight numbers and the dates are clearly mentioned in the itinerary.
7) Proof of means of subsistence: The means of subsistence, simply means, you need to provide the proof that you have enough funds to complete a round-trip to Cyprus and would not stay back in their country and create problems for the government.

Cyprus visa requirements for job visa

The Cyprus visa requirements for job visa is exactly the same as the above, but with certain additional requirements.

1) Proof of employment offer: You need to get the offer letter from the company that you’re planning to work for.
2) Work Permit: Your new company in Cyprus needs to arrange for a work permit from the respective government officials in Cyprus. If you’re visiting Cyprus for the position of a domestic staff, such as nannies, housekeepers, and drivers, you need to present the valid residence and work permit to Lebanon.

Business visa requirements to Cyprus

For obtaining a business visa to Cyprus, you’ll need to provide the following documents in addition to the mandatory documents listed in the section for tourist visa:

1) The letter of invitation: You may be asked to provide an official invitation letter from the company in Cyprus that you’re planning to arrange a meeting with.

If you’re a UN International staff who has a valid passport issued from Geneva or New York or you have a UNIFIL ID card, you can travel to Cyprus without any visa.

Now that you’re clear about all the Cyprus Visa Requirements you’ll be needing, get out of your comfort zone and start collecting all these documents without waiting for the last moment. Even if you’re struggling to find meet some of these requirements at the last moments or if you don’t find a way to get these requirements fulfilled, don’t worry. At Flight Itinerary For Visa, we have a team of visa experts that can guide you through all the hassles with applying for a visa. You just need to send in a message using our Contact page, and our representatives will get in touch with you soon. Not to mention, we can also provide you with some ‘difficult-to-obtain’ documents such as the flight itinerary for visa application or hotel reservation for visa, so that you can be relieved of all that extra burden during your visa application!

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