Much more than just beach resorts, the Dominican Republic is one of the most geographically diverse countries in the Caribbean. Not to mention, it is home to breathtaking mountain scenery, the desert hills, the idyllic beaches, and the unsolved mysteries of colonial rule! However, before setting your foot on this beautiful island country, you’ll need to fulfil certain Dominican Republic visa requirements and visa formalities. But, that’s all part of any international trip, isn’t it?

Yes, the Dominican Republic visa requirements can be pretty exhaustive and quite confusing. However, not to worry, we have made this perfect & handy guide on the Dominican Republic visa requirements, so that you can simply refer to this article and collect your documents without further confusion.

Mandatory Dominican Republic visa requirements

The Dominican Republic visa requirement is not that elaborate, but it requires you to submit all the documents in Spanish or translated into the Spanish language. Here are the important Dominican Republic visa requirements you’ll need to provide at the Embassy:

1) Visa application form: When you’re applying for a visa, the most obvious document you can’t afford to miss out on, is the visa application form. You can download the application form from the Embassy of the Dominican Republic. Remember that you can either fill the form electronically using your PDF reader/MS Word or by printing out and filling it using a blue or black pen. Either way, don’t forget to sign in the application once filled out.
2) Passport: A passport is one of the most important Dominican Republic visa requirements. Though we expect you to have a passport before applying, it is also important to double-check whether it is valid. As per the guidelines, your passport should not be issued more than 10 years agom, and must have a validity for at least 6 months post your return from the Dominican Republic.
3) Passport-sized photographs: You need to attach a photograph along with your visa application. Remember that this should be according to the international passport regulations, which means it should be of 35mm x 45mm dimensions. It must also show your full face, with a face coverage of 70-80% against a light background.
4) Travel itinerary: The Travel Itinerary or your flight reservation needs to be arranged for, even before your application. This is to ensure the visiting country’s embassy that you would not prolong your stay in the Dominican Republic and that you have plans to return to your home country after the completion of the allowed period of visit. Booking a flight ticket can be pretty risky, in case the dates of your onward or return journey change. That is why, you can also provide the travel flight itinerary containing the flight numbers and the dates of your journey. This can easily be arranged from a reputed and recognized visa service agency, such as Flight Itinerary For Visa.
5) Hotel reservation: Similar to the flight reservation, you’ll also need to provide the proof of your stay in the Dominican Republic for the whole duration of the trip. This means you will have to book your hotel rooms or resort accommodation before the visa application. In case you’re planning to stay at the residence of a friend or relative, you’ll need to provide the invitation letter from them, along with their address proof (in the Dominican Republic) and contact details.
6) Letter from the bank: The proof of your financial health status is a very important Dominican Republic visa requirement. The Embassy of the Dominican Republic does not accept bank statements. Instead, you’ll need to provide a letter from your bank branch stating the following:
a) Date of opening your bank account
b) Annual average bank balance that you maintain during that year
c) The date that you last deposited any amount in your account
7) Police Clearance Certificate: A clearance certificate from the local police is necessary to show that you don’t have any criminal records in your home country. This is very important for the Embassy in coming to a decision about the status of your application.

Additional Dominican Republic visa requirements

According to the nature of the visa, the Embassy could request a few more details, such as:

1) A Covering letter: A covering letter is a letter that talks about your reason to visit the Dominican Republic, everything you plan to do there, your time schedules for any visits, the hotel or place you choose to stay, the tourist places you intend to visit, your onwards and return flight numbers and dates, and so on. This covering letter should be written on your company’s letterhead. If you’re a student, you’ll need to prepare the letterhead on your institution’s letterhead.
2) Invitation letter: Whether it is for visiting a friend in the Dominican Republic or for a business visit, you’ll need an invitation letter from them. If you’re visiting a company in the Dominican Republic, you’ll have to provide the invitation letter from that company on its own letterhead. For official visits, the official invitation from the Dominican Republic government agency is required.
3) Copies of visa stamped pages in your passport: If you have ever been to a foreign country, you may be asked to provide the copies of your visa stamped pages from your passport.

If you have any valid multiple-entry visa for UK, US, Canada, or the Schengen countries, you can obtain a Travel Card, instead of a Travel visa. However, this is applicable only for the purpose of tourism, where you cannot involve in any sort of business or take up any paid/unpaid job in the Dominican Republic.

Once you’re ready with all these Dominican Republic visa requirements, you can simply apply for the visa by providing all these documents. In certain cases, there are still chances that the Immigration Officer at the Embassy may ask for some more documents, but that shouldn’t be a norm. In case you need any further assistance, you can always get in touch with us. At Flight Itinerary For Visa, we provide expert assistance to applicants travelling abroad and help them with obtaining certain important documents for the visa application, such as a travel itinerary for visa or visa flight reservation. All we care about is making your travel more enjoyable and hassle-free!

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