If escaping to an exotic island with beautiful sandy beaches, resorts, and a tropical climate, Fiji is a perfect choice. Comprised of 320 islands, this beautiful island nation is surrounded by the clear blue waters of the South Pacific ocean. If you’re planning your escape to this, stunning paradise, you just need to fulfil certain Fiji visa requirements and obtain a visa!

Also, there are special provisions in the Fiji visa guidelines, where the pre-approved visa is not required for the citizens of many countries, including India. This is for staying in Fiji for a duration of 120 days. They can get a visa on arrival, but there are still certain Fiji visa requirements to be fulfilled in order to get past the security counters at the Airport.

If you’re worried about not knowing the proper Fiji visa requirements for your tour plans to Fiji, you’re at the right place to know everything about it. Read on!

Fiji visa requirements for visa-on-arrival

A pre-approved visa is not required for Indian travellers wishing to go for a short term visit to Fiji. On the other hand, you’ll get a visa on arrival. The Fiji visa requirements for the visa on arrival are:

1) A valid passport: A valid passport is the first and foremost requirement that any international traveller should have. For Fiji, you’ll need to have a valid passport that has been issued in the past 10 years. The validity should also extend till 6 months after the completion of your Fiji visit.
2) Return flight tickets: The return flight tickets are a mandatory Fiji visa requirement that you need to show while at the security check counters in Fiji airport. This is an inevitable document that assures the Fiji government that you’ll be returning to your home country once your trip is completed and that you wouldn’t be a burden to the host government.
3) Proof of means of subsistence: Similar to the return tickets, you’ll also need to ensure the Immigration officers that you’re financially capable of taking care of all your expenses while on the trip to Fiji. For this, you can provide certain additional proofs, such as your duly-attested bank statement for the last 6 months from your local bank or your Income Tax Returns Certificate for the past two years.
4) Hotel booking confirmation: Since you’re on an international trip, you’ll need to ensure that you have a place to stay. The High Commission of Fiji expects you to book the hotels or ensure the accommodation before visiting the country. In this case, you can provide the confirmation receipt from the hotel or resort or any sort of accommodation that you’ve chosen to stay while in Fiji.
5) Entry/Re-entry visa: If you’re a citizen of another country residing in India, check whether your country is available for the visa exemption. If you’re from a country with automatic visa exemption, you will have to produce an entry visa or a valid re-entry visa back to India to any other country.

Fiji visa requirements for long-term stay

Now, in case you’re looking for a long-term visa in Fiji, you’ll need to apply for the visa, just like any regular visa application. The long-term stay visas are not pre-approved, unlike the short-stay visas. So, here are the mandatory requirements that you’ll need for longer stay duration’s, which are more than 90 days.

1) Fully-filled visa application form: The visa application form is a very important Fiji visa requirement. You need to fill in the application with utmost sincerity and honesty, and the information that you provide in the application form should correspond to the information in the supporting documents that you provide. You must also clearly state the purpose and duration of your stay in Fiji. You can download the application using this link.
2) Two photographs: You need to provide three passport-sized photographs, out of which one of them should be certified by a government authority. The passport-sized photographs should be in colour, with a light background.
3) Passport: Along with your passport, which is one of the most important Fiji visa requirement, you need to attach a certified copy of the passport’s bio data page.
4) Consent letter from spouse: If you’re travelling alone, and are married, you’ll need a consent letter from your spouse. This should state that they have no objection towards you visiting Fiji, and will be back to the home country, once the purpose of your visit is accomplished.
5) Consent letter from parents (18 years and younger): If you’re less than 18 years of age, you’ll require a consent letter from your parents that they have no objection towards your international trip.
6) Leave letter or No Objection Certificate from Employer: If you’re employed in a firm, you’ll need to provide a leave letter or No Objection Certificate from your employer. The letter should contain information about your current job, your name and designation, your salary, number of approved leaves, and a statement that the company has no objection towards your travel plans. Ensure that this letter is typed on your company’s letterhead.
7) Additional documents: Just like the visa requirements for short-term stay, you’ll need to fulfil certain additional documents for your long-term stay in Fiji, such as:
a) The confirmation of hotel booking
b) The proof of means of subsistence
c) A travel itinerary
d) In case you’re planning to stay at the residence of your friend, relative or sponsor, you can provide an invitation letter and a letter of sponsorship from your host. This letter should include the important information about the host, such as resident ID proof, contact address, and phone number.
e) For job visa, you’ll need a work contract and employment confirmation from the company in Fiji
f) If you’re requesting for a student visa to pursue your studies in Fiji, you’ll need to submit your enrollment certificate, the transfer certificate from your previous institution, and the course completion certificate for the last course that you completed.

Since you’re now clear about the Fiji visa requirements and could decide whether you can avail the visa-on-arrival or not, it’s time to get your documents ready. In case you need assistance on getting any of these documents, don’t forget to contact us at Flight Itinerary For Visa. From travel insurance to hotel reservation for visa, we provide all types of visa services for travellers, so that they can ensure a happy and hassle-free travel experience.

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