Planning a trip to explore an unravelled, yet absolutely spellbinding country in Europe to spend your vacation? There couldn’t be a better choice than Georgia. A vacation to Georgia is more than just sight-seeing—you can enjoy snow sports like skiing at the Caucasus mountains, immerse yourself in a medieval European setting at Georgia’s capital, Tbilisi, and explore the diverse cultural history of Georgia. Visiting Georgia isn’t that difficult either, as you just need to fulfil certain Georgia visa requirements to enter this amazing country. Take a stroll along the cobblestone alleys, a ride around ancient fortresses of Tbilisi, soak in the local cultures of Georgia, visit the rustic countrysides and the quaint European towns that still maintain their medieval charm — your trip to Georgia could be a truly rewarding experience.

In case you’re wondering what the Georgia visa requirements would be, don’t worry. This article covers every single Georgia visa requirement you need to fulfil in order to apply for the visa. So, read on!

Georgia visa requirements for all visa types

There is a long list of requirement that you need to collect for Georgia. The ones in this section are mandatory for all the visa types.

1) Valid Passport: A valid passport is a mandatory Georgia visa requirement. Your passport needs to have a validity of more than three months after you return from Georgia. The passport should be issued within the last 10 years, and should have at least two blank pages to mark your entry and exit.
2) Visa application form: The visa form is a very important part of the Georgia visa requirements. You can either get an e-visa or apply for a regular visa for your visit. In case you’re planning to get an e-visa, simply go to this link and fill out the form online. You can use this regular online visa application through this link also: Once done, sign in the form in a tangible form.
3) Two Photographs: You need to submit two recently taken, passport-sized photographs. The photo should be of the 3cm x 4cm size, with a plain background. Your face should be clearly identifiable and needs to cover at least 75-80% of the photograph.
4) Onward & return Air Tickets: The air tickets are one of the most important Georgia visa requirements, which ensures the Georgian embassy that you’ll be returning to your home country after the visit, and that you’ll not be a burden to the host country. The air tickets should be confirmed before the visa application, and needs to mention the dates and time of the flight, along with the flight numbers.
5) Bank statement: The bank statement is the proof of means of subsistence that the Georgian embassy accepts. You can submit the bank statement for the past 6 months, showing that you have enough funds to support you during the whole travel duration. Along with this, you can also support this claim by providing your Income Tax Returns Certificate for the past two years.
6) Confirmed Hotel Reservation: The hotel reservation for your stay duration should be made even before applying for the visa. While applying, you need to submit all the documents available showing that you have confirmed your hotel reservation for the whole duration of your travel. The receipt showing that you have made the payment is a valid document that can be submitted for the consideration of the Georgian Embassy.
7) Travel Insurance: The Travel Insurance is a very important document that ensures the Embassy that you will not be a financial burden to the state in case of any medical emergency that may arise during the trip duration. Ensure that the travel insurance you obtain is valid in Georgia.
8) Covering letter: The covering letter is an explanation to the Embassy about the purpose of your visit. You should provide all the details relevant to your visit, such as the places you intend to visit, people you’ve arranged meeting with, the duration of your stay, important dates, and a brief visa flight itinerary that includes the date and flight number of your return flight.
9) Visa Fee: Once you collect all these documents, you can attach it with your visa application form. Remember to appear in person at the Embassy to remit the fee and arrange for the visa interview.

Additional Georgia visa requirements

Apart from the mandatory Georgia visa requirements, there are some visa requirements that are only needed for special visa types. Here are some of the requirements based on the particular visa type:

1) Business visa: In order to apply for a business visa, you’ll need to provide the documents including a notarized invitation letter from the business person or associate that you’re planning to visit. You may also be asked to provide an authorization letter from a Georgian citizen or a Georgian organisation.
2) Job Visa: A job visa to Georgia would require an invitation letter from the company in Georgia, along with certain other documents. This includes a work permit from the Georgian government, your resume/CV, as well as your appointment letter from the company in Georgia.
3) Student visa: If you’re a student intending to pursue your further studies in Georgia, you need to opt for a student visa. So, along with the mandatory documents, you’ll also require certain additional documents, such as the enrollment certificate, course completion certificates for the previous courses that you attended, and transfer certificate. You may also require an invitation letter from the institution that you’re planning to join.

Now that you know a lot more about how to obtain a visa to Georgia, you can start collecting all the Georgia visa requirements soon and plan your trip to this wonderful country. In case, you’re unable to get certain mandatory documents like the travel insurance and flight reservation, you can contact us for assistance using this link. Our extensive visa-related services include travel insurance, visa flight reservation, and hotel reservation for visa, so that you can have a hassle-free visa application for your vacation abroad!

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