A country that has risen from being labelled a poverty-stricken nation to one of Africa’s leading economies, Ghana is a country that has endured every oppression and stood up to the world. A country with a true & highly-valued culture, Ghana has not only exhibited sheer perseverance in a stunning growth, not just in the business aspects but in tourism too. While you’ll need to fulfil certain Ghana visa requirements, the visa is quite easy to obtain, in the instance that you fulfil all the requirements. For tourists, there couldn’t be a time to spare once you reach Ghana — you’ll be busy paragliding, canopy walking, exploring the wildlife, witnessing the unique culture, or even drumming and dancing along during occasional celebrations! Also, there’s no doubt that Ghana is changing the prevailing perception of failure, famine, and poverty — but, right now, international investors have particularly taken note of the country, seizing on every opportunity to grow their business in Ghana. So, whether you’re on a business visit or a tourist visit to this country, you can be, absolutely, sure that Ghana wouldn’t fail to impress you, and on occasions surprise you, with her intriguing charm and majesty. Ghana visa requirements can be a quite stringent, and at times, confusing. But don’t worry, this article will guide you through all the Ghana visa requirements that you’ll need before applying for a visa!

Mandatory Ghana visa requirements

Ghana has quite an elaborate visa requirement. The visa approval process is also strict. So, you’ll need to be a lot careful while collecting these documents and applying for a visa. Here are the mandatory documents that you’ll need regardless of your purpose and duration of the visit: 1) A duly completed form: A visa application form is a very important Ghana visa requirement, which you’ll need to submit at the Embassy, along with the rest of the documents. You can complete the visa form and download the filled application from the Ghana High Commission website. If you choose to write with a blue/black ink pen, you should ensure that it is neatly completed in capital letters, without corrections or overwriting. You must also attach all the relevant documents during the time of electronically submitting the visa application. 2) A recent photograph: You need to affix a recent passport-sized photograph on the application form. Ensure that your face is clearly identifiable and in colour. The background should be white/plain. Your face needs to be well-lit and covers at least 75-80% of the photo. 3) Confirmed air ticket for both ways: Unlike most visa applications, the Ghana visa requirements demand a confirmed air ticket for both the onward and return journey. This should be confirmed even before applying for the visa. 4) Yellow Fever Vaccination: You need to be vaccinated for yellow fever recently (not more than 10 days from the date of application). 5) Visa fee: The visa fee to Ghana needs to be paid at the time of submitting the application. You can schedule your visa interview only when the fee has been remitted. Remember that you need to pay the fee in the form of a Banker’s Draft addressed to “Ghana High Commission, New Delhi”. You must also submit a copy of the draft while applying. 6) Reference & Letter from the host: You should provide an ID proof of at least one reference in Ghana. Along with this, the Ghana visa requirements may also include the Original Invitation letter from your host in Ghana.

Ghana visa requirement for particular purposes

Apart from the mandatory Ghana visa requirements that are listed above, there are certain other requirements that depend on the purpose and duration of your visit.

1) Tourist/Short visa requirements: For a Tourist visa or a short-term stay visa, you’ll need to provide:

– A hotel reservation proof for the whole duration of the visit – A personal covering letter or detailed itinerary providing a detailed information about the purpose of your visit, places you plan to visit, people you plan to meet, important dates during the stay duration, and your plans on returning to your home country. – An undertaking from the host, stating that they will be responsible for you abiding by the immigration laws of Ghana – If you’re travelling with kids, you’ll need to submit the birth certificates of your children – In case you’re accompanying your spouse for the trip, you’ll have to provide your Marriage Certificate while applying for visa – For students, you’ll have to submit a letter of introduction from the school, typed on the school letterhead.

2) Requirements for a business visa: For business visa, you’ll need to submit the following documents:

– Passport/residential proof of the businessman inviting you to Ghana for the business meeting – Correspondence proof with the company in Ghana

3) Job visa requirements:

Only a job visa to Ghana allows you to undertake any sort of paid or unpaid work in Ghana. If you want to apply for one, these are the additional documents you’ll need to submit: – Your resume/CV – Appointment letter from the company in Ghana – Your work agreement and/or contract letter. – A copy of the letter from Ghana Investment Promotion Center allowing you the immigrant quota – A sanction letter from Ghana Immigration Service to grant you the visa.

4) Student visa requirements:

If you’re planning to visit Ghana to pursue your studies, you’ll need to provide various documents proving that you’re already admitted and enrolled for the course in Ghana. Here are some of the most frequently asked Ghana visa requirements for a student visa: – Admission proof to the school or educational institution in Ghana – A receipt showing that you’ve paid the fees for the course – Transfer Certificate from your current/previous educational institution – Proof of sponsorship from a reference in Ghana or an invitation letter from the institution in Ghana in which you’ll be pursuing further studies. By now, you’ll be clear about all the Ghana visa requirements that are needed to enter this amazing country. In case you have any questions or need any assistance with the visa application to Ghana, you can easily contact us. You can even book your flight reservation for visa or hotel reservation for visa through Flight Itinerary For Visa to enjoy a pleasurable travel without any hassles. You can reach out to us using this link, and our representatives will get in touch with you ASAP.

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