Did you know that there are a number of aspiring tourists who end up not getting a visa to visit Greece simply because they were ‘unaware’ of certain important Greece Tourist Visa Requirements? As you’ve probably planned a short trip to Greece already, you’d want to make sure every single Greece Tourist Visa Requirements are fulfilled and you obtain a visa.

Since you’re reading this, you don’t have to worry a bit about anything anymore. We can provide all the help you need with your Greece visa application, including travel insurance or booking a flight itinerary for visa, which is mandatory during the application process.

Read on if you’d like to know more about the important Greece Tourist Visa Requirements.

What are the mandatory Greece Tourist Visa Requirements?

Applying for a visa to Greece as well as other Schengen area countries can, at times, be a bit stricter than many other countries. So, you need to be very careful that you’ve included all the following mandatory documents, along with a photocopy of all these documents, while applying or submitting at the nearest Embassy of Greece.

Visa Application Form: Filling the visa form is definitely the most important among the Greece Tourist Visa requirements. Hence, there are some guidelines that are to be followed without fail to avoid any chances of visa refusal.

1) Use only Latin alphabets while filling the form
2) Mandatory fields in the application would be marked, probably with an asterisk. So, ensure you’ve not missed out on filling any of those details in the respective fields.
3) When filling the application online, take a print of the filled application form.
4) Most importantly, remember to sign the application.

You can either choose to fill your application online or fill up a paper application form. We would recommend filling the application online as it speeds up the entire application handling process at the Embassy. If you prefer using a paper application, you are, of course, free to do that.

Either way, the visa application process only starts from the day you submit the printed and duly signed application and visa fees, along with the rest of the documents at the Embassy. Sending in the application through any electronic form, including emails or fax, is not possible. So, you’ll have to visit your nearest Embassy of Greece in person.

Recent Passport Size Photograph: Photographs are, undoubtedly, the easiest ways to identify a person. That is why the Immigration laws give a huge importance to Passport Size Photographs. You should remember to follow the exact photo specifications while submitting the photographs along with the rest of the Greece Tourist Visa requirements mentioned in this article:

1) The passport size photographs should be identical and unaltered
2) According to the latest specifications proposed by ICAO, the passport size photograph for visa applications should be a colour photo with a white background.
3) Use quality photographic paper to print it.
4) Ensure that the photo is not more than 6-months old.
5) It should be clear and in sharp focus, without any creases or ink marks on it.
6) The standard width of the passport size photo should be 35-40mm
7) Do not include a photo that looks too close or too far. Ideally, it is best when your face and shoulders take up about 75% of the photograph.

Passport: Similar to immigration requirements of most countries, Greece Tourist Visa requirements also considers the passport to be a vital document throughout your stay abroad. Two things need to be checked while submitting your passport-

1) It has to be issued within the past ten years.
2) The validity of the passport should exceed at least 3 months more than the date of your visa expiry.

Schengen Visa Travel Insurance: A medical insurance for travel is mandatory to cover all your expenses if you get sick or injured during the travel. The minimum coverage is 30,000 Euro, and it should cover all member states as well as the duration of your stay abroad.

Are there any additional Greece Tourist Visa Requirements?

Obviously, submitting the mandatory documents is not all. In most cases, the Embassy may request some additional documents. So, in order to be prepared, you need to be ready with the original copy and a photocopy of the following non-mandatory document:

Proof of means of transport: The embassy needs to be sure that you’re returning to your home country after the trip. So, your return flight reservation should be furnished. In case you’re travelling to other Schengen countries too, then a complete itinerary of the trip, along with the proof of inter-Schengen transport via flight, train or road.

Proof of accommodation: Your hotel reservation receipts or receipts from the holiday homes and camps that you intend to stay during your tour is extremely handy, as the embassy would ask for a proof of the places you would stay while abroad. In case you’re planning to stay with your family or friends living in Greece, the Immigration Officer may request for the proof of sponsorship from the host.

Proof of financial means: You need to carry the original copies of the Indian Income Tax Returns assessment for the past two years, as well as your private bank statement, which shows transaction in the past three months. Remember to get the transaction statement duly signed and stamped from the bank.

If you’re employed, your last three months payslip, contract of employment, and a No Objection Certificate from the employer must be presented, along with the documents. In case, you’re self-employed, the registration certificate of the company is required. Similarly, if you’re sponsored, the proof of sponsorship and if you’re retired, a pension statement, along with the proof of regular income through the possession of any property or business needs to be submitted.

Other Travel Documents: Since you’re applying for a tourist visa, related documents for the tour needs to be carried while submitting the visa application. These additional Greece tourist visa requirements documents vary according to the nature of the travel. If it is for tourism purpose, you need to carry the confirmation certificate of the travel booking and other documents showing your travel plan. Marriage certificate and/or the copy of ration card or passport can be carried as evidence of your marital status.

As you see, there are a lot of documents. So, keeping them categorised in an orderly manner can help you a lot, as you don’t have to fiddle with the content during the visa interview

In case you need any sort of assistance with getting a travel insurance, flight reservation for visa, or hotel reservation for visa, Flight Itinerary For Visa has the solution for all your Greece Tourist Visa requirements. Simply contact us to know more about the packages we offer. You can even ask our awesome support crew for any assistance during your visa application, and be sure, our exceptional service will turn out valuable during your international trip!

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