Are you looking to unearth the perfect vacation destination with the best elements from the new and old worlds? Look no further than Guatemala. The Guatemala visa requirements are very easy to fulfil, but more on that after a bit more of gushing about the place that you’re going to visit! The place is charming, endearing, rich in culture, and has mixed elements from both the Mayan and Spanish ancestry. Set in a high altitude near Mexico, Belize, Honduras, and El Salvador, Guatemala is a highlighted tourist attraction in the Central Americas. From the Mayan ruins of the ancient to the monumental buildings and cobblestone pavements of the Spanish colonial era, Guatemala has everything to offer to a true admirer of nature and history. To spend a relaxed and enjoyable vacation, there are even more things to explore in Guatemala—the exotic beaches, mountains, lakes, tropical forests, and the active volcanoes are just some of them!

The Guatemala visa requirements are quite lenient and you may probably not even require a visa in the first place. Eager to find more about that? Let’s dive right into it.

Important Guatemala visa requirements

If you’re an Indian citizen, you can easily fulfil the Guatemala visa requirements and get a visa to Guatemala. You may also not require a visa, in the first place, to enter Guatemala. This is in case you have a valid Schengen visa, US visa, or a Canadian visa in your passport. However, the visa-free entry only applies for stay up to 90 days. In case you intend to stay for a longer duration, you will have to fulfil all the Guatemala visa requirements without fail. Here are the mandatory Guatemala visa requirements that are required for your visa:

1) A filled application form: A completely filled application form is a very important part of the Guatemala visa requirements. While filling out the application form, ensure that it is honest and the information is consistent with the rest of your documents.
2) One photograph: The photograph needs to be taken in the passport format. There are additional guidelines you need to follow. For example, your face should be covering at least 70-80% of the photograph. It should be printed in colour. The background should be a light, well-lit, and plain.
3) An original passport: Your original passport needs to be submitted along with your visa application. There are certain important things you need to keep while providing your passport:
a) Ensure that the passport is valid. The validity should ideally extend to more than 6 months from the date you’re returning from Guatemala. It should also be issued within 10 years from the date you’re applying for a visa.
b) Blank pages: You should have at least 2 blank pages in your passport, in order to mark the entry and exit from the country. In case you don’t have the blank pages, you can apply for a renewed passport.
4) Proof of means of subsistence: The means of subsistence is a proof that ensures the Embassy of Guatemala that you have enough funds to cover your expensed during the entire period of stay in Guatemala. You can submit your bank statement for the past 6 months and/or the Income Tax Returns document for the past two years in order to prove that you have sufficient means of subsistence.
5) Hotel reservation proof: While planning a trip abroad, one of the most important documents asked by the security personnel at the airport is your proof of accommodation. In order to get this proof, you need to reserve a hotel beforehand for the entire duration of your travel.
6) Flight reservation proof: The flight reservation, similar to the hotel reservation, is very important. You will not be allowed any exception to visit Guatemala if you don’t have the tickets or proof for your return flight. We highly recommend getting a flight itinerary for visa application, as this could be a huge saver in case your return dates change due to an emergency. However, ensure that you get the flight itinerary from a reputed service such as Flight Itinerary For Visa, and that you have the flight numbers and the important dates clearly mentioned in the itinerary.

Additional Guatemala visa requirements you’ll need to fulfil

While the mandatory Guatemala visa requirements are all that you need for a tourist visa, the other types of visa that have a different nature and duration require certain other documents. Some of them are:

1) For Job Visa

In order to apply for a job visa, apart from the mandatory documents, you’ll need certain additional documents such as the invitation letter from the company in Guatemala, work permit, job offer, and so on. You can get it with the assistance of the company you’ll be working for in Guatemala.

2) For Visiting Visa

If you’re visiting a friend or relative in Guatemala and you’re going to stay at their residence, you need to provide certain proofs, such as their residence proof, proof of sponsorship, invitation letter, as well as the communication details of your host in Guatemala.

3) For Business Visa

In case you’re visiting the country for a business requirement, you need a contact letter signed by the company you’re visiting in Guatemala, the No Objection Certificate from the company you’re working for, the purpose of your visit, duration of stay in Guatemala, as well as the complete itinerary that highlight the important dates.

4) For Student Visa

The student visa application to Guatemala should be backed by various important documents, including your enrollment certificate, the previous courses you pursued, your educational qualification, and the previous course completion certificates.

Since you have a fair idea on the Guatemala visa requirements and policies, you can now decide whether you need a visa or not. If you need one, but, you’re finding it difficult to put together all the required documents, we’re here to help you out. Flight Itinerary For Visa is an expert visa service provider that can guide you through all the phases of your visa application. You can even choose from a range of affordable deals on travel insurance, flight reservation for visa, and hotel reservation for visa. All you need to do is, simply reach out to us using our contact page and let us know your requirement.

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