A land of exotic beaches, historic towns, monumental castles and pristine natural beauty, Croatia is a complete package of great experiences and amazing people you would rarely get to see anywhere else in the world. If you’re planning your visit to Croatia, here’s the important information you’re looking for — the Croatia visa requirements you’ll need to fulfil in order to get a visa to Croatia. The visa application to Croatia is quite easy, and in certain cases, the visa is not required at all! Interested to know more about whether you can travel to Croatia without having to fulfil any Croatia visa requirements or getting a visa? Read on!

Travellers that don’t need a Croatian Visa

You’ll not have to wait to get your visa or neither have to go through all the visa application hassles if you meet any of the following requirements:

  1. If you have already have a Schengen visa stamp on your passport for Uniform Visa (c) for two or multiple entries, you don’t have to apply for a visa to Croatia.
  2. If you have a visa for Limited Territorial Validity (LTV) to any Schengen country, you’ll not require a visa. This visa does not necessarily need to be verified/accepted for all the Schengen countries, but only for the Schengen country that you’ve visited/planning to visit.
  3. You will not require a visa to enter Croatia if you have a Long-Stay visa (D) or a Resident Permit for any Schengen member country.
  4. Finally, holders of any national visa for two or more entries or resident permit to Bulgaria, Cyprus, or Romania, you’ll neither have to fulfil any further

Croatia visa requirements nor avail a Croatian visa

However, the important thing to note here is that this only applies for a short-stay in Croatia for not more than 90 days, and has to be within the validity period of the aforementioned visas. In case you don’t satisfy this, don’t worry. You can apply for a visa to Croatia without much difficulty, just by following the Croatia visa requirements mentioned below.

Mandatory Croatia visa requirements

In order to apply for a visa to Croatia, you need to have the documents and proofs that meet the Croatia visa requirements. The most important requirements are exactly the same, regardless of the purpose of your visit, and they are:

1) Visa Application Form: A visa application form is the most basic requirement that you need to submit while applying for a visa. You can download the visa application form by following this link and selecting the right visa application according to your preferred language. It should be filled out in Latin Alphabet in BOLD letters, and duly signed after taking a printout of the filled form. You can also choose to print the form and fill it using a blue/black ink pen, but we recommend filling it digitally.
2) Passport: Once the application is filed, it has to be submitted along with certain additional documents, of which your Passport is the most important one. It has to be issued within the past 10 years and needs to have a validity of more than 6 months post your arrival back in your hometown after the trip. It is recommended that you ensure that there are at least 2 blank pages. If not, you’ll have to get a renewed passport in advance.
3) One Photograph: The passport-sized photograph that you submit should adhere to the international photo specifications. It should be in colour, having dimensions of 35×45 mm, taken in a light background. Ensure that you have a neutral facial expression with your eyes open and mouth closed and that your face covers at least 70-80% of the photograph.
4) Travel Health Insurance: Travel health insurance is a very important part of the Croatia visa requirements, as it should cover any emergency during your visit, such as urgent hospitalization, accidents or immediate medical attention. The insurance must coverage should value at least EUR 30,000 and must be valid in Croatia.
5) Cover letter: You need to include a cover letter that gives a brief description of your entire tour plans, detailed itinerary, duration of stay in Croatia, as well as your plans to visit any other country from Croatia (if applicable).
6) Means of Transportation and Intention of return: The return flight tickets or visa flight itinerary from a trusted travel agency is a mandatory document, which ensures the Embassy that you’ll be returning from Croatia after the visa. Along with this, if you plan on renting a car while in Croatia or travelling inside Croatia through a travel company, you need to furnish the receipts or arrangement proofs too.
7) Visa Fee: The visa fee for your travel is INR 4570, which is EUR 60. You need to remit the fee at the Embassy when you submit all the documents, in order to arrange for the visa interview.
8) Proof of means of subsistence: In order to travel to any foreign country, you’ll need sufficient funds to spend for the expenses that arrive during your travel. For the same reason, you’ll need to provide document proofs showing that you have enough money to cover your whole travel expenses. You can submit your three months bank statement, along with your three years Income Tax returns certificate. If you have an international credit card, you can submit the credit card statement for three months. An endorsement on your passport or the receipt of your foreign exchange purchase can also be used to prove your means of subsistence

Other supporting Croatia visa requirements

Along with the basic requirements, there are certain other Croatia visa requirements that you’ll need to fulfil according to the nature and purpose of your travel. Some of them are:

  1. Proof of Social and Professional Status:
    • If you’re an employed individual, you’ll need to provide a No Objection letter from your employer, on your company’s official letterhead, stating that they do not have any objection towards your travel and that you have enough leaves that are approved for the travel. They should also include information about your salary, your designation, along with the years of service in the company.
    • In case you’re running a business or are self-employed, you’ll require a visa request letter on your company’s official letterhead, along with your company registration papers.
    • For students, you may provide a letter from your school/university stating that the institution grants leave for the travel duration, along with a valid School/College/University ID proof.
  2. Proofs showing the purpose of visit:
    • For tourist visas, you’ll need to provide the certificate/receipt of a paid tour package, hotel accommodation receipt or proof of private accommodation, day-to-day itinerary, contact information of all your accommodations, and so on.
    • For getting a business visa, you’ll need to submit a letter of Guarantee that is issued by a legal person/authority as well as an invitation letter from the company in Croatia that you’re visiting or the Croatian state authority.
    • In the case of a medical visa, the confirmation from your medical institution that confirms the necessity for medical care in Croatia as well as the proof of sufficient funds for the treatment should be provided during the visa application.

So, these are most of the requirements that are generally requested from the Embassy. However, it is the sole discretion of the Embassy officials to request for more documents, in case the provided documents are not sufficient.

If you’re finding it a bit tougher to gather any of these Croatia visa requirements, don’t be worried. At Flight Itinerary For Visa, we provide an extensive visa assistance for all applicants in obtaining various important documents, such as the Travel Insurance valid in Croatia or a flight itinerary for visa application. So, if you’re having any challenges regarding the Croatian visa application, simply use our contact page to reach out to us, and our representatives will get back to you soon! Alternatively you can directly reach us on this number for assistance:

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