Who hasn’t dreamt of visiting the dramatic and diverse landscapes of Indonesia? This country is a perfect destination, whether it is to spend a romantic honeymoon or an adventure journey. The Indonesia visa requirements won’t be a bother for you when you have such a thrilling time island hopping in the Indonesian archipelago or escaping to the world famous tourist destinations like Bali and Banda Islands.

Despite all this, there is a lot of confusion when it comes to obtaining a visa or knowing whether you need one from the country you’re residing in. Despite the ease of obtaining the visa, there is still another headache of extending your visa beyond 30 days — this is a relatively very short duration for such a huge country comprising of 8000 manned islands! Even those who manage to get a 60-day visa are not happy with the time restrictions. Since the confusion is still lurking about the Indonesia visa requirements, we have decided to provide a thorough guide on everything you need to know before starting out to explore this beautiful land.

Do you need a visa to travel to Indonesia?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions that we have come across this year. As of April 2017, the Indonesian government has lifted its restrictions and granted a visa-free entry for Indian citizens. However, the duration of stay is only for 30 days and you still have to submit various Indonesia visa requirements in order to get past the security checks.

Also, if you plan on extending your stay, you can only do so with a visa on arrival, and not with a free visa. Still, the best part is; instead of applying for a visa prior to your trip, you can get a free visa (up to 30 days) and extendable visa on arrival up to 60 days. While this is only for tourism purposes, there are other types of visas that you may need to apply for, depending on the nature and duration of your trip — it could be social and cultural visa, multiple-entry business visa, or multiple entry tourist visa.

What are the mandatory Indonesia visa requirements?

Even though there are different types of visas, some Indonesia visa requirements are common for all these types, including the free visa entry. These are:

1) Two visa application forms: A visa application form is a very important Indonesia visa requirement. Except for the free-entry visa, the visa application form is mandatory for all the other visa types. You have to be very sincere and honest while filling out the application form, as even a simple difference in details provided could lead to an application rejection.
2) Passport: A passport is an inevitable Indonesia visa requirement that you need to carry with you regardless of what type of visa you’re obtaining. This includes the visa-free entry too. Ensure that the passport has a validity of more than 6 months from the date of return from Indonesia. It should also have the
3) Two passport-sized photographs: You need to affix a passport-sized photograph on each of the application forms. Remember that the photographs should have a plain background and should adhere to the international passport-sized photograph format.
4) Proof of onward & return journey: Since the immigration officers and the diplomatic office need to understand about your plans of leaving the country once the authorized stay period is over, you’ll need to submit a proof of your air tickets for both your onward and return journey. In case, you’ve not certain about the dates, you can also provide a flight itinerary for a visa from a trusted visa agency, such as Flight Itinerary For Visa.
5) Means of subsistence: The means of subsistence is a document that proves that you have enough funds to successfully complete your round trip to Indonesia. You can provide your 6-months bank statement, along with your Income Tax Returns Certificates for the last two years as the proof.
6) Proof of accommodation: Since you’re visiting a foreign country, it is mandatory that you arrange for the hotel reservation prior to applying for a visa or entering the country on free visa.
7) Covering letter: The covering letter is a summary of your entire travel plans. So, you need to ensure that the covering letter includes information such as your travel itinerary, date of arrival, date of return, flight numbers, important places you’ll be visiting, and so on.

What are the additional Indonesia visa requirements you’ll require?

Along with these mandatory visa requirements, you’ll also need to provide certain additional documents, depending on the nature and type of your visa.

1) Sponsor letter: In case you want to obtain a social-cultural visa to Indonesia, you’ll need to obtain a sponsor letter from an Indonesian citizen residing in Indonesia. This is a mandatory Indonesia visa requirement for social-cultural visa. The advantage of applying for a social-cultural visa is that you can extend your visa for more than 30 days, while you’re Indonesia.
2) Clearance letter: In the case of transit visa or a multiple visa, you’ll need to provide a clearance letter from the Department of Immigration in Jakarta, along with two copies of your filled visa application form.
3) Invitation letter: If you’re planning to visit Indonesia for business purposes, you’ll need to have an invitation letter from the company or businessman residing in Indonesia, along with their Indonesia Identity Card (KTP or KIM’s).
4) Work Contract: In order to be able to pursue your career or involve in anything that provides you with a remuneration, you’ll need to obtain a work visa. The work contract, as well as the letter from the Labour Ministry, are the major Indonesia visa requirement for a work visa.
5) Experience Certificate: You may also be asked to provide a work experience certificate for a work visa, along with the aforementioned documents.
6) Marriage Certificate: If you’re a married couple travelling together, you’ll need to furnish a copy of your marriage certificate.

Now that you’re pretty clear about the procedure, you can easily opt for your desired visa type and fulfil the necessary Indonesia visa requirements to visit this mesmerizing Asian country. In case you need any assistance regarding anything, please feel free to contact us. Along with providing specialized services like personalized travel insurance packages and flight reservation for visa, our experienced support crew at Flight Itinerary For Visa also provide expert guidance during each step of your visa application.

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