A country known for its glorious past, Iraq had been a merchant’s delight and a traveller’s paradise for many centuries. However, the long period of violence that ensued from the US Invasion and the recent IS outbreak, the country has been completely torn apart. In case you’re planning to visit Iraq, you’ll need to fulfil a set of strict Iraq visa requirements.

Not only is the visa too difficult to obtain due to various regulations, there is no way of visiting the country on a tourist visa. The tourist visa has been discontinued following the waves of violence that swept across the country during the past few decades. The only type of visa that you can obtain in order to visit Iraq is the business visa.

Mandatory Iraq visa requirements

If you’re looking for a business visit to Iraq, you can apply for the business visa at the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq. Usually, it takes around one week for the approval, and the visa fee is 40USD for single entry and 100USD for multiple entries. Here are the mandatory Iraq visa requirements that you need before travelling to Iraq:

1) Duly filled visa application form: As with the visa to any other country, the visa application form is one of the most important Iraq visa requirement that you need to submit. You can download the visa application form from the Iraq Embassy website. Once you download the form, you can electronically fill it through any word/pdf software. You can also choose to submit a photocopy of the typed form. However, a handwritten visa application form will not be accepted or processed. Once filled and printed out, ensure that you have duly signed in the required fields. Also, recheck whether the information that you provided is honest and accurate, as the visa can be rejected in case of any discrepancies in the information provided.

2) Valid Passport: The passport is an inevitable Iraq visa requirement that you need to submit at the Embassy for visa approval, as well as carry along with you during your time abroad. While submitting the passport at the Embassy, there are certain things to be ensured:
a) The passport should have a validity that extends for more than 6 months from the date of return from Iraq. However, we recommend having an original passport that has a validity of more than one year.
b) Your passport should be issued within the last 10 years.
c) There should be at least two blank pages in your passport to mark your entry and exit.

3) Four Passport-size Photographs: You need to have four photographs during the visa application. While filling the application form, you can see the field to affix a photograph. Ensure that you attach a passport-sized photograph that has been recently taken and perfectly matches with your face. There should not be any editing, colour correction, or enhancements made to the photograph. You can get it printed in the standard passport-size format. Additionally, you must also make sure that the background of the photograph is well-lit, plain, and light, and that your face covers at least 75-80% of the photograph.

Additional Iraq visa requirements for business visa

Apart from the general Iraq visa requirements, there are some other documents and proofs that need to be submitted for a smooth visa application process. These are listed below.

1) Covering Letter: A covering letter should be written on the official letterhead of your company, addressing the Iraq Embassy. This letter should explain the purpose of your visit and provide further details about your travel plans. It is very important to provide specific details such as the date of arrival, date of return, names and addresses of the businessmen you’ll be meeting, places you intend to travel, and flight numbers.

2) Proof of Sponsorship: While applying for a business visa, one of the critical Iraq visa requirement is the proof of sponsorship from a citizen or company in Iraq. Your sponsor in Iraq needs to apply for your visa approval via the Ministry of Interior, Iraq. Once the application is sent from the side of your sponsor, it is forwarded to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for approval. This process can take up to three weeks. The approval copy will be sent to your sponsor and they need to mail this copy to the applicant in India for the rest of the visa application procedure. So, remember to start collecting these important Iraq visa requirements and documents well ahead of the date you’re planning to apply for the visa.

3) Medical Certificate: As part of the visa application, a medical certificate should be obtained from a doctor authorised by the Embassy. This has become very important these days in many countries, due to the spreading of the Yellow Fever and other communicable diseases in many countries.

4) Proof of Accommodation: Whether you’re opting for a paid accommodation or staying at the sponsor’s residence, you need to submit a proof. This could be an invitation letter from your sponsor, stating that you’ll be staying at their residence, or a hotel reservation receipt for the entire duration of your stay in Iraq.

5) Proof of onward and return journey: You need to obtain the air tickets to Iraq prior to applying for a visa, as you need to submit both the onward and return journey tickets at the Embassy. This is to ensure that you have plans to return to your home country and do not plan on staying in Iraq after the purpose of your visit is completed and the approved duration of stay is over.

Once you’re ready with these Iraq visa requirements, you can apply for a visa at the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in your country. Since visa application is a crucial step before visiting Iran, we can provide all the assistance you need in case you’re facing any challenges during the process. At Flight Itinerary For Visa, we provide various visa-related services including travel insurance and flight reservation for visa, so that you can apply for your visa without any hassles.

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