All excited about the upcoming vacations you plan to spend in a foreign country? Well, if you are collecting all the documents for your visa application, you might notice that a travel insurance is a very important visa requirement. Wonder what it is or how much it would cost you? To make you at ease about Travel Insurance, important questions that you may have about this are answered below: When you’re travelling abroad, you must understand that there are numerous unexpected emergencies. Hence, the idea of travel insurance becomes a mandatory document. It is, in fact, one of the most important documents you submit while applying for a visa, regardless of which country you’re visiting. And, we recommend it to each and every traveller who visits a foreign country. There are a lot of misconceptions around travel insurance that might frighten you. But here we have answers to the most common travel insurance important questions that you may have about the insurance.

Travel Insurance Important Questions: What is travel insurance?

A travel insurance is a sort of emergency backup for unexpected things. You can never expect what you might encounter while you’re away from home. You can lose your luggage by the airline, fall sick, get into an accident, or even cut your trip short due to some emergencies. If you have your travel insurance covered, there would be nothing to worry. Depending on the policy type you’ve chosen, you’ll be provided with various services. For instance if your insurance is a travel medical insurance, you’ll be able to cover up for the expenses, in case you have an injury or a sudden sickness. Though it‘s not a substitute for a health insurance back home or a source to meet your travel expenses, it can be a great help for many other needs while you’re abroad. It is a mandatory document for most visa procedure as it is designed for all the purposes may it be health related or not. It can be used for unexpected medical needs, cancellation of flights at the last moment, problems with accommodation or even for lost luggage.

Who needs to purchase Travel Insurance?

This is one of the most common Travel Insurance important questions that we come across every day. Anyone who’s travelling abroad is compulsorily asked to have a travel insurance. Even though it can’t be used in your home country, it is essential during a foreign trip. Depending on the plan you’ve opted for your travel insurance, it can be used to cover up your emergencies. You can buy your visa insurance online or directly from the Insurance company of your choice for the entire period of your trip. Ensure that the company you opt is licensed and is valid in the foreign country you plan to visit. One of the most trustworthy agencies providing Travel Insurance is Flight itinerary For Visa, where you can get your customised Travel Insurance coverage depending on your budget and requirement!

Is travel insurance just a health insurance?

“Okay, but it’s like health insurance too, right? I can go see a doctor when I want? Can I get treated for an illness I already have?” These are some of the travel insurance important questions that are, in fact, really reasonable. A travel insurance is not just a health insurance, unless you choose a particular plan covering only the medical emergencies. Generally, there are plans to cover emergencies like your trip cancellation, lost luggage, accidents, sudden illness, as well as injuries. It is so much more than just a medical insurance, but only if you buy the right plan. Remember, it’s not a replacement for a health card you have in your home country and should not be considered to cover for medical checkups or pre-existing illness. It simply means that if you get sick during the trip, the insurance can be used. But if you’re under medication for a prevailing disease throughout the trip, your insurance might not come in handy.

What does Visa Travel Insurance usually cover?

We understand that you may have many travel insurance important questions that are quite similar to the question above. Don’t worry. Here’s the answer to that: If you purchase a right travel visa insurance, you can use it to cover various unforeseen instances like 1) an emergency evacuation, 2) trip cancellation, 3) accidental death, injury or disablement benefit, 4) trip interruption, 5) expenses for the funeral overseas, 6) lost, stolen or damaged luggage, 7) delayed delivery of luggage, 8) return of a minor 9) travel delays due to challenges in the weather, airline crash or hijacking.

What does travel insurance not cover?

This is another travel insurance important question. Usually, a travel insurance cannot be claimed to pay for the treatment of: 1) a pre-existing illness like asthma and diabetes, 2) accidents due to extracurricular activities like skiing and scuba diving, and a trip to high-risk countries. 3) The insurance cannot be used if you put yourself at unnecessary risks which led to an accident. For instance if you’re drunk and got into an accident as a result, the company will enquire the reason for the accident. They can deny your claim if you’re found unreasonable and that the main cause of the accident is the intake of alcohol or drugs. Though many insurance companies let you use your travel insurance in your home country, ensure that you read more about the policy that you’re selecting. Also, remember to carry medical reports of any diseases you’ve been diagnosed with, earlier. In case you get sick again, you’ll be asked to present all the records regarding your health to claim your insurance. More often than not, travel insurance companies hesitate to offer plans to senior citizens because of their vulnerability. However, you can contact some trustworthy travel insurance agencies like Flight Itinerary For Visa for any type of Travel Insurance.

The frequently asked Travel Insurance Important Question: How does the insurance actually work?

In case you’re in an emergency, you are required to contact the emergency assistance team so that they can make arrangements for your claim. For all other needs, you might need to pay for the time being, and then claim a reimbursement from the insurance company. You’ll be asked to submit all the documents and receipts for verification. If you fail to provide the required documents, the company can choose to deny your application. Generally, most people don’t read the policy terms of the insurance company and later get into troubles. So, make sure to read all the instructions carefully. Avoid making assumptions about the coverage before studying about it in detail. Incomplete documentation will lead to a claim refusal. Without reading the instructions, you might not even know about the requirements. For example, if you fail to present proof of the luggage you lost, you’ll not be approved of the claim. These are some of the most common Travel Insurance important questions that you must be thinking of. However, if you have any further questions, you can always contact us and ask for assistance. Apart from travel insurance, we also have a range of other visa services such as hotel reservation for visa or dummy flight tickets!

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