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High Commission of Malta in New Delhi – Applying For Malta Schengen Visa from India


High Commission of Malta in New Delhi processes Malta Schengen Visa applications submitted by the Indian citizens and Malta long-stay visa applications.

Malta at a glance

An archipelago situated in the central Mediterranean between the North African coast and Sicily, Malta and its adjoining islands (Gozo and Comino) are blessed with a fascinating heritage. The language of Malta is an amalgamation of Arabic and Italian language.

Malta’s fringed landscape, under the scorching sunshine, is dotted with picturesque hilltop towns, colorful old fishing villages, peaceful seaports, and fascinating natural attractions. The capital of Valletta is an ideal base to explore the island of Malta. Valletta is an ideal base to launch the exploration of the Island of Malta. Besides the picturesque landscape, Malta has thousands of years old man-made sites alongside the latest and wide array of restaurants.

Owing to the unique blend of Arabic and European heritage, Malta has become a hot tourists’ spot among wanderlust. Hence; the numbers of Schengen Visa applications submitted at the High Commission of Malta in New Delhi by Indian citizens continue to grow by each passing year.

Malta’s weather is perfect in spring and autumn. During the hot summer months, villages come to life with religious festivals and outdoor concerts.

Jurisdiction of High Commission of Malta in New Delhi

Residents of the following states of India can submit Malta Schengen Visa applications at High Commission of Malta in New Delhi:

Uttarakhand, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Tripuri, Sikkim, Rajasthan, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, Odisha, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Manipur, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Jharkhand, Lakshwadeep, Karnataka, Kerala, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Jammu and Kashmir, Delhi, Goa, Daman and Diu, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Dadra and Nagar Haveli, Chandigarh, Andhra Pradesh and Bihar.

Visa Application process at High Commission of Malta in New Delhi

The applicant will begin the Malta Schengen Visa application by getting formal acquaintance through the official website of the High Commission of Malta in New Delhi.

High Commission of Malta in New Delhi -Book Appointment

High Commission of Malta in New Delhi -Book Appointment

Step 1: Book Appointment

A visa application cannot be submitted without prior appointment at the High Commission of Malta. Appointments for direct submission are only granted on a case-by-case basis.

High Commission of Malta in New Delhi - Book Appointment

High Commission of Malta in New Delhi – Book Appointment

Step 2: Submit Biometric Data

The submission of biometric data is mandatory for applying for the Malta Schengen Visa application. It comprises ten fingerprints and a picture of the face.

The following applicants shall be exempt from the requirement to give fingerprints:

  • Children under the age of 12; No biometrics is taken but a child under 12 years live photo is captured.
  • Persons for whom fingerprinting is physically impossible. If the fingerprinting of fewer than 10 fingers is possible, the maximum number of fingerprints shall be taken. However, should the impossibility be temporary, the applicant shall be required to give the fingerprints at the following application. The competent authorities shall be entitled to ask for further clarification of the grounds for the temporary impossibility.
  • Heads of State or government and members of a national government (Ministers and Ministers of State only) with accompanying spouses, and the members of their official delegation when they are invited by Member States’ governments or by international organizations for an official purpose; This list is mandatory and exhaustive. Holders of diplomatic passports are not exempted as such from the fingerprinting requirement. They may be exempted if they are members of the official delegation of heads of State/ members of a national government invited for an official purpose.

Step 3: Collect Visa Docs

After securing the appointment date and submitting biometric data, the applicant will kick-off procedure to amass all the supporting and mandatory visa documents. These include:

Malta Schengen Visa application form: The application form for Malta Schengen Visa can be filled online. Also, the High Commission of Malta extends the facility to download it and fill it manually.

Picture: A passport-size picture attached with the Malta Schengen Visa application form. The picture must have the following characteristics:

  • In colour, 3 x 4 cm (approx. 1.2 x 1.6 inch).
  • Facing forward, white background.

Travel Document: While lodging the Malta Schengen Visa application, the itinerant must be in possession of a legal passport. The travel document must have a validity of at least three months after the applicant’s prearranged date of return.

Also, it is compulsory that the authentic passport must have at least two blank pages to mark the arrival and departure dates of the itinerant.

Roundtrip flight reservation for Malta Schengen Visa application: The applicant is bound to buy and attach a roundtrip flight reservation with his Malta Schengen Visa application.

A roundtrip flight reservation is a document illustrating the arrival and departure dates of the applicant from the host nation. It also entails PNR coders along with the reservation number. This document becomes more important as the visa officer usually issues the visa in accord with the arrival and departure dates that the applicant mentions in the roundtrip flight reservation.

Flight Reservation For Visa

Flight Reservation For Visa

Travel Health Insurance for Malta Schengen Visa application: A travel health insurance for visa application is also a mandatory document. Schengen authorities want the applicant to get himself/herself covered during the course of his/her trip in the Schengen Area.

The availed insurance must provide minimum coverage of EUR 30,000 or USD 50000 with validity spanning over whole Schengen Area i-e must not be limited to one Schengen state. The availed insurance must also cover the cost of repatriation even in the hapless situation of the death of the applicant.

Travel Insurance For Visa Service

Hotel Bookings for Malta Schengen Visa applications: Like roundtrip flight reservation and travel health insurance, a hotel booking document for visa application is also a mandatory document that accompanies applicant’s Malta Schengen Visa application.

Hotel Bookings For Visa Service

Cover letter: This document explains the major purpose of applying for the Malta Schengen Visa application briefly.

Consent letter: A consent letter signed by the parents if the minor is traveling alone.

Proof of solvency: To prove that you are in possession of enough funds to bear expenditures of during the course of your stay in Polish and Schengen territory, attach a bank statement with transactions of the previous 3 to 6 six months.

Means of subsistence: As per laws crafted by the European Commission, the applicant is bound to attest to the Malta Consulate or Embassy that he possesses daily cash equivalent to 48€.

Step 4: Appear for Interview

After collecting all the aforementioned documents, appear for an interview at the High Commission of Malta in New Delhi. It is mandatory to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled meeting with the visa officer. Bring with you all the original documents along with their photocopies.

Step 5: Track Your Application

Through VFS Global, the applicant can track progress on his/her application.

High Commission of Malta in New Delhi - Track Your Application

High Commission of Malta in New Delhi – Track Your Application

Step 6: Collect Visa

The applicant can collect his/her visa by appearing in the personal capacity or by post.

Address of High Commission of Malta in New Delhi

N60, Panchsheel Park North, Panchsheel Park, New Delhi, Delhi 110017, India.


High Commission of Malta in New Delhi

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