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Consulate General of the Netherlands in Bengaluru – Applying For Netherlands Schengen Visa in India


Consulate General of the Netherlands in Bengaluru processes Netherlands Schengen Visa application and Netherlands Residence Permit applications.

The Consulate General of Netherlands in Bengaluru was established in 2015 as Indo-Dutch relations flourished rapidly resulting in a major hike in visa applications.

The Netherlands at a glance

The Netherlands—also known as Holland across the globe—is famous for its canals, tulips, and windmills. Besides picturesque villages, quaint cottages and breathtaking gardens, Amsterdam—the capital of the country—known for its canals, narrow houses with gabled facades, museums displaying the Netherlands’ rich artistic heritage.

The Netherlands (also known as Holland) is known everywhere as the land of windmills, canals, and tulips, and today’s visitors certainly will find these among its many tourist attractions.

There are medieval castles and cityscapes, a 13,800-acre national park, and a tide control system that’s been named one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World.

The Netherlands is also part of the Schengen Area and therefore an itinerant needs a Netherlands Schengen Visa to stay in the country for up to 90 days.

Jurisdiction of Consulate General of the Netherlands in Bengaluru

Consulate General of the Netherlands in Bengaluru covers the following areas:

Karnataka, Telangana, and Andhra Pradesh.

Visa Application Process at Consulate General of the Netherlands in Bengaluru

Below is your ultimate guide pertaining to applying for the Netherlands Schengen Visa in Bengaluru

Step 1: Make an online appointment

After categorizing the purpose of your visit and the type of visa, the applicant will book an appointment online using the services of the VFS.

Consulate General of the Netherlands - Book An Appointment

Consulate General of the Netherlands - Book An Appointment 2

Step 2: Collect Visa Docs

After booking an online appointment, the applicant will initiate the process of collecting visa docs. These documents include:

Application Form for Netherlands Schengen Visa: The application form for the Netherlands Schengen Visa can be downloaded from the website of the consulate.

The application can also be filled online. While filling the visa application form, remain vigilant. Any mistake—either intentional or unintentional—will result only in denial of the visa.

After filling the application form, print a hard copy of it and attach two internationally recognized passport size pictures.

Flight Reservation for Visa Application: A flight reservation for visa application is also an important document in your visa application.

It contains details about the proposed flight route, reservation code, and IATA codes along with the name of the application. A visa officer can verify it using a unique alphanumeric six-digit code.

Flight Reservation For Visa

Hotel Bookings for Visa Application: A hotel booking for visa application is also a mandatory document. It is used to show that an accommodation facility in the host nation has been secured and payments in this regard have been made.

A hotel booking document for the visa application indirectly assures the visa officer that the applicant possesses financial means to support himself during the course of the trip.

Hotel Bookings For Visa Service

Travel Health Insurance: Travel health insurance document is also a mandatory document in the visa application process. For Belgium Schengen Visa, the minimum coverage of the travel health insurance must be USD 50000 or EUR 30000. Also, it must be valid in the whole Schengen Area and cover the cost of repatriation after death.

Travel Insurance For Visa Service

Passport: An authentic travel document with validity spanning three months after the intended date of return. It must also have two blank pages to mark entry and exit date from Belgium.

Means of subsistence: According to the information provided by the European Commission, a foreign national who wants to enter the territory of the Netherlands, while applying for a Netherlands Visa it needs to attest owning 34€/day for the period of stay, to the Netherlands Embassy or Consulate.

Evidence of solvency: The applicant needs to prove that he possesses appropriate balance to financially support himself/herself during the period of his/her stay in the Schengen Area.

Cover Letter: A cover letter briefly explains the core purpose of visiting the host nation.

Evidence of social status in India.

Step 4: Appear for Interview

Appear for an interview at the Consulate General of the Netherlands in Bengaluru on the date that you have selected while booking an appointment.

Step 5: Collect Your Visa

If the staffers of the Consulate General of the Netherlands in Bengaluru are satisfied with the information, they will issue you a Belgian Schengen Visa within the duration of 15 days.

Address of Consulate General of the Netherlands in Bengaluru

Address: #26, Rest House Cres Rd, Shanthala Nagar, Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001, India.

Hours: 9 AM-5 PM.
Phone: +91 80 4941 2000.

consulate general of the netherlands in Bengaluru

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