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Embassy of Czech Republic in Beijing – Czechia Schengen Visa Rules For Chinese Residents


Embassy of Czech Republic in Beijing processes Czechia Schengen Visa application and Czechia Residence Permit application.

A bit about the Czech Republic

Being one of the smallest nations in the Schengen Area and Europe, Czech Republic emerged as a shining bead from the ashes of the fall of Communism back then in 1989.

However, being smaller in size doesn’t employ that the central European nation lacks tourist destinations. Owing to its smaller size and well-integrated public transport system, it’s easy to roam freely in Czech Republic, specifically for those aiming to spend the bulk of their time in discovering Prague – Czechia capital.

The capital boasts a myriad number of magnificent attractions, Prague Castle being the best one.

Besides capital, there are sufficient out of the way tourism charms to warrant exploring by car. A trip to Czechia countryside may include conservation areas and dozens of national parks. One such national park is Bohemian Paradise, a conversation and a protected landscape area characterized by picturesque landscapes, gothic architecture and medieval castles.

The Czech Republic spans over an area of 78, 865 kilometers-square. The country boasts a population amounting to 10.58 million. The Czech Republic is also a signatory to the Schengen Agreement.

Jurisdiction of Embassy of Czech Republic in Beijing

All Chinese provinces fall under the consular department of Embassy of the Czech Republic in Beijing with the exception of provinces:

Anhui, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and the city of Shanghai fall under the Consulate General in Shanghai.

Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative zones fall under the Consulate General in Hong Kong.

The provinces of Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou, Guangxi and separate city of Chongqing fall under the Consulate General in Chengdu.

Visa Application Process at Embassy of Czech Republic in Beijing

As is the norm in the diplomatic multiverse, the itinerant striving for Czech Republic Schengen Visa will begin his visa application process by visiting the official website of Embassy of Czech Republic in Beijing.

By visiting the website, the itinerant can have an acquaintance to updated visa rules.

Embassy of Czech Republic in Beijing - Home Page

Step 1: Book Appointment

All applicants for short-term Schengen Visa or Czech Republic Schengen Visa need to book their appointment by calling the following phone number:

+234 805 449 9462 (updated on 25-6-2019)

One applicant can book one appointment only, with the exception of spouses and/or accompanying minors whose applications are submitted by their parents or legal guardians. No group bookings are possible. All appointments will be queued in the order in which the applicants will make their phone calls. No adjustments to this order will be possible.

Embassy of Czech Republic in Beijing - Book Appointment

Step 2: Gather Documents

After booking an appointment with the staffers of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Beijing, you are recommended to immediately start collecting all the mandatory and supporting documents. The list of the documents is as follow:

Czech Republic Schengen Visa Application form: Download the Czech Republic Schengen Visa application form from the official website of the Czechia mission in China. Fill it in accord with instructions mentioned on the form and make sure that information printed on the form matches the information that you are going to mention in all other supporting documents.

Covering Letter for Czech Schengen Visa application form: In the covering letter for the Czech Republic Schengen Visa application form, the applicant will briefly explain the key purpose for applying for Czech Schengen Visa. Don’t tamper with the information and keep the letter simple and to-the-point.

Roundtrip Flight Reservation for Czech Schengen Visa application: Attach a roundtrip flight reservation with your Czech Schengen Visa application form.

A roundtrip flight reservation entails arrival and departure dates with PNR and reservation codes printed on it. When purchasing a roundtrip flight reservation, carefully mention the arrival and departure dates as the visa officer will issue your visa against the dates mentioned on the roundtrip flight reservation.

Flight Reservation For Visa

Hotel Bookings for Schengen Visa application: A Hotel Booking document for the Czech Schengen Visa application is also known as proof of lodging. It illustrates that the application has sorted out a lodging facility in the Czech Republic and has made payment in this regard.

Hotel Bookings For Visa Service

Travel Health Insurance for Schengen Visa application: A travel health insurance for the Schengen Visa application provides medical coverage to the applicant. For a Schengen Visa application, the availed health insurance must provide coverage amounting to USD 50000 or EUR 30000.

The availed insurance must hold legality in the whole Schengen Area. Also, the cost of repatriation should fall under the coverage.

Travel Insurance For Visa Service

Evidence of Social status in India.

No-objection certificate from school/college/university.

Salary slip.

A bank statement entailing transactions of the previous three months.

If a minor, consent letter signed by the parents.

Step 3: Appear for Interview

After successfully securing an appointment and amassing all the required documents for Czech Republic Schengen Visa application, the applicant will appear for an interview at the Embassy of Czech Republic in Beijing.

It is pertinent here to mention that the applicant is required to arrive at the Embassy of Czech Republic in Beijing at least 15 minutes prior scheduled time of the appointment. Also, the applicant is required to bring with him an appointment receipt, the absence of which mean that the applicant is not allowed to enter inside the embassy.

Step 4: Collect Your Visa

In the last phase, the applicant will collect his visa either by post or by appearing at the embassy in the personal capacity.


Embassy of Czech Republic in Beijing

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