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Embassy of Spain in New Delhi – Spain Schengen Visa Guide for Indian Citizens


Embassy of Spain in New Delhi processes visa short-stay visa applications [Spain Schengen Visa] and long-stay visa applications [Spain Residence Permit].

Jurisdiction of Embassy of Spain in New Delhi

Andaman and Nicobar Island, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Delhi, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Orissa, Punjab, Rajasthan, Sikkim, Tripura, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and West Bengal.

Spain at a glance

The splendidness of palace of the caliph, voluptuous sun-drenched of Mediterranean coastlines, awed silence of devotees entering cathedrals, and staccato steps of heels of flamenco dancers are the things in which lie soul of the unique culture of Spain. And it is for this cultural mosaic that Spain is on the second spot on the list of countries that received the most number of foreign tourists.

The country is also home to Europe’s top two richest clubs Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Spain is an amalgamation of a fascinating blend of past and present.

Do Indians Need to Apply for Spain Schengen Visa?

India falls in the list of countries of whom nationals require Spain Schengen Visa to enter the country for a duration not exceeding than 90 days or three months threshold.

If you want to stay for a period exceeding a three-month threshold, then you will lodge an application for Spain Residence Permit or Spain long-stay visa at the Embassy of Spain in New Delhi.

Visa Application Process at the Embassy of Spain in Delhi – Step 1

You will start your Spain Schengen Visa application process by visiting the official website of the Spain Embassy in New Delhi.

Spain Embassy in New Delhi - home page

After the home page is loaded, you will click on ‘Know Your Visa Type’.

Spain Embassy in New Delhi - know your visa type

Step 2: Book Appointment

In the second phase of the Spain Schengen Visa Application process, you will click on the ‘Book Your Appointment’ tab to schedule an appointment with staffers of the Embassy of Spain in New Delhi.

Spainish Embassy in New Delhi - Book Appointment

If you are applying individually then you will pick the ‘individual’ category. Otherwise, you will pick up the ‘family’ category.

Then you will select the passport issue place. After which, you will pick up the place of current residence.

Then, you will be inquired about the duration of the place of current residence. The server will then ask for your email id and phone number on which you will receive a verification code.

After entering the code, the server will allow you to proceed further.

Spainish Embassy in New Delhi - Book Appointment b

Step 3: Gather essential documents

Here comes the tricky part. Now you will accumulate all the mandatory and supporting documents that are required for Spain Schengen Visa Application.

A fully-filled application form. The information that you will provide in the application form should match the information provided in the other documents. If there is any mismatch found by the visa officers, then your Spain Schengen Visa application will be rejected.

A passport that is not issued for the period exceeding the ten-year threshold. The passport must also have at least two empty pages so that the officials concerned can mark your departure and arrival dates.

Roundtrip flight itinerary is a document that illustrates your dates of arrival in Spain and departure back to the home destination. It also contains the information regarding the proposed flight routes accompanied by the airport codes [also known as IATA codes]. It also contains the reservation code.

Flight Reservation For Visa

Travel Health Insurance is a mandatory document in your Spain Schengen Visa application. Officials of the Embassy of Spain in New Delhi wants you to get financial security so that you cannot become a liability on Spain’s exchequer in the hapless event of a medical emergency.

Travel Insurance For Visa Service

Hotel Bookings for Spain Schengen Visa is also a mandatory document that proves to the officers that itinerant has made arrangements for accommodation in the host country and have paid in advance in this regard.

Hotel Bookings For Visa Service

Besides, a hotel booking for Spain Schengen Visa proves that the itinerant has sufficient financial resources to easily sponsor his/her trip in the host nation.

A cover letter with content explaining the main reason behind striving for Spain Schengen Visa. Any extra information must be avoided.

Evidence pertaining to social status in India.

NOC from college, university or school.

Leave letter from the employee.

For minors:

  • If the minor is traveling without parents, then parents are required to attach a consent letter with Swiss Schengen Visa application.
  • A form signed by both parents.
  • Copy of the parent(s)’ passports data page.

Proof of financial status:

  • If employed: Pay slips of the past three months/employment contract
  • If self-employed: Certificate of Proprietorship or other proof of ownership (proof of land title,
  • Proof of income from agriculture (sales form) etc,
  • Personal original bank statement of the past three months with sufficient funds,
  • Income Tax Return (ITR) form or Form 16 (Certificate of Income Tax deducted at the source of salary).

Proof of paid visa fees.

Submission of biometric data.

Step 4: Visit Embassy of Spain in New Delhi for Interview

In the last phase, the itinerant will appear in person for the interview at the Embassy of Spain in New Delhi for interview.

The general rule is to reach at least 15 minutes prior to the time of the scheduled interview. If for any reason whatsoever, you fail to reach the embassy on time, you will have to rebook the appointment.

Spain Embassy in New Delhi - Visit our Centre

When to lodge Spain Schengen Visa application?

The processing time at the Embassy of Spain in New Delhi is under normal circumstances between 7 to 10 working days after the submission at any VFS Visa Application Center in India. We, however, recommend you to start the application procedure as early as possible, but not earlier than 3 months prior to your entry date to the Schengen states, in order to avoid any inconvenience with your travel dates.

Embassy of Spain in New Delhi

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