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Flight Reservation For Visa Application – How to Book Flight Itinerary For Visa Application?


A visa application process can be very perplexing and frustrating, especially for those who enter this arena for the very first time. Tons of tons of paperwork freaks out the itinerant and the beginner, at times, thinks of giving up. Among the myriad visa documents, one is a flight reservation for visa application.

Before proceeding any further, let it be reminded to you that a flight reservation is a vital requirement of an embassy or consulate; the absence of which surely means rejection of visa application.

While seasoned backpackers completely fathom the concept of flight reservation, the novice often gets confused and attaches an actual flight reservation with their visa application thus making their hard-earned money vulnerable to potential loss.

Neither diplomatic missions nor do we recommend itinerants to purchase an actual flight reservation. Therefore, it is recommended to always buy a flight reservation from a verifiable online service provider against a very trivial sum of cash.

Deciphering the term Flight Reservation For Visa Application

A flight reservation is a document confirming the timetable of flight that the itinerant is planning to avail for traveling to the host nation and then coming back. In layman terms, a flight reservation for visa application entails the arrival and departure dates of the itinerant from the host nation.

The embassy or consulate may also refer to flight reservation for visa application in the following terms:

• Confirmed Flight Itinerary
• Booked Flight Itinerary
• Dummy Air Ticket
• Flight Itinerary For Visa Application
• Air Ticket Booking

As stated above, all of the aforementioned terms refer to the same document and serve the same purpose i-e an itinerary displaying the schedule of flights and that can be verified online.

A flight reservation for visa application must entail the following information:

• Name of the flight
• Full name of the itinerant who has paid for/booked the flight reservation
• Dates marking the arrival and departure dates
• Unique PNR and IATA codes [airport codes]
• Details of connecting flight [if applicable]

Flight Reservation is generally divided into two types.

One-Way Flight Reservation

A one-way flight reservation only entails only entrance details of the itinerant into the country. It does not take into account the departure date. A one-way flight reservation is usually attached with long-stay visa applications.

Roundtrip Flight Reservation

A roundtrip flight reservation entails complete schedule including arrival and departure dates from the destination country, PNR codes, reservation codes, and IATA codes.

Difference between a flight reservation for visa application and an actual flight ticket

An actual flight ticket sanctions its owner to travel to the host destination from the host destination. Contrary to that, a flight reservation is nothing but the proposed route of the applicant’s flight.

Why should you buy a flight reservation for a visa application?

A verifiable flight reservation costs just a trivial sum of money whereas an actual flight ticket can cost as much as $1000.

In case of visa denial, the itinerant will only lose a petty sum of cash if he/she has attached verifiable flight reservation with his visa application.

Furthermore, just like an actual flight ticket, a visa officer can verify a flight reservation by simply entering the unique six-digit alphanumeric code printed on the visa application.

Though you can acquire a verifiable flight itinerary from the airline’s website without any cost. But the problem is that you can hold it only for a maximum of 24 hours whereas the embassy or consulate take at least 15 calendar days to process your visa application. So if you want to save yourself from any embarrassment, always attach a verifiable flight reservation.

How can you book a flight reservation for a visa application without paying full price?

The answer to this question is very simple. Visit the homepage of Flight Itinerary For Visa and scroll down to the pricing table.

Flight Reservation Form - Step 1

Here you will see four tables representing four different categories. As this article deals with flight reservation, you will click on the ‘Order Now’ button present in the Flight Reservation form.

The server will redirect you to the form for flight reservation for visa application. In the first section, you will provide personal information including full name, email address and cell number.

General Information

Always enter the active email id as you will receive verifiable flight reservation on the email address that you will provide in the first section.

In the second section, you will provide information about proposed routes.

Flight Details

If you want to place an urgent order, then you will click on the urgent button [additional cost will be charged on urgent button].

In the end, you will click on the ‘Pay your Bill’ button. The reservation will be forwarded to you on your email address.

Order Now

Why do embassies demand flight reservation for visa application?

Embassies and consulate demand flight reservation due to the following reason:

To determine the length of your stay

A flight reservation is an alternative way of determining that the itinerant will not overstay in the host nation.

To decide the length of visa

A flight reservation also helps the visa officer in determining the length of the visa. With your arrival and departure dates, the visa officer will issue visa against the dates mentioned on the flight reservation. In this way, they avoid limiting the duration of the visa.

Deciding at what embassy or consulate you should apply

Let us explain it to you with the example of a visa application for Schengen Area. If you want to visit more than one country of the Schengen Area, then you will apply to the embassy or consulate of the country in which you intend to stay the most.

flight reservation for visa application

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