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Italy Embassy in New Delhi – Guideline to Italian Schengen Visa


If you are going to apply for Italian Schengen Visa from India, then you will submit your visa application in one of the following: Italy Embassy in New Delhi, Consulate General of Indian in Mumbai, and Consulate General of Italy in Kolkata.

Italy at a glance

The land where once soldiers of might Roman Empire walked, contemporary Italy is spread over an area of 301,338 kilometers square along the Mediterranean coastline and is inhabited by 61 million people.

In 2018 alone, Italy received 1.8 million Schengen Visa application alone, making it third on the list of countries that received most Schengen Visa applications in 2018; behind only France and Germany which are on number one and number two respectively.

Jurisdiction of Italy Embassy in New Delhi

The Italy Embassy in New Delhi covers the following Indian states:

New Delhi, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Punjab, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Chandigarh.

Procedure to get Italian Schengen Visa from Italy Embassy in New Delhi

Follow this ultimate guide to get your hands on Italian Schengen Visa from the Italy Embassy in New Delhi:

Do you need a visa?

Italian officials have introduced web-tool to determine whether you need a visa or not.

For your convenience, let it be revealed that Indian nationals are required to apply for the short-stay visa [for staying up to 90 days] or long stay-visa [for staying more than 90 days].

Do you need visa

Pick up visa category

As this article deals with the Italian Schengen Visa, so let us suppose that you are going to pick the same.

Italian Embassy in New Delhi - Pick the Visa Category

Prepare your Application

This is the trickiest part in the path to lay your hands on the Italians Schengen Visa from Italian Embassy in New Delhi. Carefully collect the following docs and attach it in your visa application:

Application form: You can fill it online or download it and then fill it. Sing it and mention the date too. All information must be provided honestly and carefully. The information written on the application form must match with that provided in other visa docs. Otherwise, uninvited problems will arise and there are heavy chances of your visa application get rejected.

A covering letter explaining the reason for traveling to the Italian peninsula. You must restrain from providing unnecessary details in the cover letter.

Roundtrip Flight Reservation: If you are going to apply for Italian Schengen Visa or short-stay visa, then you must always attach a roundtrip flight reservation in your visa documents as it entails information pertaining to your arrival in and departure from the Italian mainland.

The other type of flight reservation is one-way flight reservation and is generally attached with long-stay visa applications.

Flight Reservation For Visa

Travel Health Insurance: Like all other European states, Italian officials want you to get financially covered so that in case of any mishap, you won’t face any financial inconvenience.

The minimum financial coverage offered by the insurance company should be equivalent to USD 50000 or 30000 Euro. Furthermore, the insurance attached should be valid in the whole Schengen Area [26 member states] and it should provide coverage for repatriation of the itinerant’s body in case of the hapless event of death.

Travel Insurance For Visa Service

Proof of accommodation: Attach a document proving that you have made arrangements for accommodation in Italy during the whole course of stay.

Hotel Bookings For Visa Service

Passport: First, check the current validity of your passport. The period of validity of a passport must be at least 3 months longer than that of the visa. The passport shall have been issued within the previous 10 years.

Second, make sure your passport has a minimum of 2 blank Visa pages.

Proof of social status

No objection certificate

Schedule an appointment

It is compulsory to schedule an appointment with the staffers of the Italy Embassy in New Delhi for all type of visas.

Enter your credentials to schedule the appointment. If you don’t have any, click on the new user and get yourself registered.

Arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. Please be aware if you arrive any earlier, you may not be admitted to the application center. If you arrive after your scheduled appointment time, you may be asked to re-book a future appointment or you can avail Walk-in service which cost you INR 2650.

Italian Embassy in New Delhi - Appointment

Appear for Interview

Appear for the interview at the Italy Embassy in New Delhi. As mentioned earlier, arrive at the embassy 15 minutes prior to your appointment time.

Track your application

You can track your progress on your Italian Schengen Visa application by SMS, Email, Call or Online tracking.

You can track your visa application by entering your receipt number and date of birth.

Collect your Passport

You can collect your passport either by post or by appearing in person.

Italian Embassy in New Delhi- collect passport

Italy Embassy in New Delhi

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