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France Consulate General in San Francisco – French Visa From USA


Visa applications submitted in the United States are processed by the France Embassy Washington D.C, France Consulate General in San Francisco, Consulate General in Boston, Consulate General in Chicago, Consulate General in Houston, Consulate General in Atlanta, Consulate General in Los Angeles, Consulate General in New York, and Consulate General in Miami.

France at a glance

For centuries, France had somehow managed to remain world leader; be it arts, literature, science, philosophy or politics.

French Revolution left undeniable marks on the world as it ended monarchies-based governance system in Europe and paved way for the political system, the aftershocks of which are still felt today.

France is also a global leader in tourism and fashion. France’s capital Pairs is the most visited city in the world and the same goes for the country as it remained most-preferred tourist destination in the world. France is also part of the Schengen Area.

Who can apply for France Visa from within the USA?

If you are a wanderlust-bitten US citizen and traveling is your passion, there is no need for you to stand in the queue at France Consulate General in San Francisco to get your visa application approved or be stuck with your computer for securing an appointment as French authorities have allowed visa-free entry for them. But this facility is valid only for French Schengen Visa (for up to 90 days).

Coming to the second condition under which either you’re a permanent citizen of USA but want to enter French territory and stay in it for over 90 days or you currently reside in USA but issuing authority of your passport is another country, then you the former is required to apply for a long-stay visa whereas latter needs to apply for both i-e French Schengen Visa and France National Visa.

Jurisdiction of France Consulate General in San Francisco

The Consulate General of France in San Francisco is a consular representation of the French Republic in the United States. Its jurisdiction covers Northern California, North of Nevada, and the following states: Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming, and the Pacific Islands under American jurisdiction (Guam and American Samoa).

Visa Application Process At France Consulate General in San Francisco

Visa application process at France Consulate General in San Francisco is overtly simple. The France Consulate General in San Francisco requires you to complete 80pc of the procedure through online means whereas only fully prepared application will be submitted in person. You’ve to track visa application by online means too.

Step One

Franceintheus.org is the official portal of all French Missions in the USA including France Consulate General in San Francisco. Click at Visit France and then at Visa to begin the procedure.

France Consulate General in San Francisco - Step 1

France Consulate General in San Francisco - Step 1.1

Step Two

You’ve been forwarded to the second step under which you’re going to click on France Visas.

France Consulate General in San Francisco - Step 2

Step Three

Click on “Do you need a visa”, the first step of the four-step procedure, click on it and it will answer the aforesaid questions along with details of supporting documents that the itinerant is required to submit at France Consulate General in San Francisco.

France Consulate General in San Francisco - Step 3

France Consulate General in San Francisco - Step 3b

France Consulate General in San Francisco - Step 3c

France Consulate General in San Francisco - Step 3d

Basically, the Visa Wizard do the following things for aspirant:

  • Requirements for visa procedure
  • Visa Fees
  • List of supporting documents

Step Four: Submit Online Application

Use username and password to log in (if you don’t have, create one by following simple instructions). Fill all the required fields and scroll back once more to the home page. Now pick up the ‘Submit Online Application’ by moving the cursor.

Select the United States of America from continent’s list as you’re going to submit visa application at France Consulate General in San Francisco.

France Consulate General in San Francisco - Step 4

Booking an appointment has never been easy. Use VFS Global Centers to book an appointment with staffers of the France Consulate General in San Francisco. Out of ten French Diplomatic Missions, you are going to search for France Consulate General in San Francisco and click on ‘Book an Appointment’.

France Consulate General in San Francisco - Step 4b

France Consulate General in San Francisco - Step 4d

Please note that appointments times and processing duration for applications can vary, depending on your nationality and type of visa applied for. We recommend you to apply well in advance of your trip, at least 15 days, but not more than 90 days, prior to your intended departure dates.

Step Five: Prepare Your Documents

French Visa application is usually compiled by amassing the following documents:

Application form: Either download it or fill it online. Print a hardcopy and sign it.

Passport:  It should have a validity of at least three months after itinerant’s scheduled time of return from France. The issuing authority must not have released it for a period exceeding 10 years.

Cover Letter: Attach a cover letter briefing intention of visiting/entering France for any purpose whatsoever.

Flight Reservation for visa application: If the itinerant is visiting France for a period not exceeding 90 days, the accompanying Flight Reservation will be roundtrip.

Flight Reservation For Visa

If the itinerant is planning to stay in France for a length exceeding the 90-day limit, the accompanying Flight Reservation will be One-way.

Travel Health Insurance: The insurance guarantees to cover the health insurance of the itinerant during his stay not only in France but also in the Schengen Area.

Schengen authorities have set a minimum limit of 30, 000 EUR or USD 50, 000.

Travel Insurance For Visa Service

Hotel Booking Reservation/Proof of accommodation: Arrange the accommodation facility in French territory either by booking a room in a Hotel or by asking your friend to provide proof of accommodation.

Hotel Bookings For Visa Service

Funds: A bank statement can guarantee staffers at the French Consulate General in San Francisco that you’re capable of enjoying your stay in France with ease.

Affidavit of Support: There are certain situations under which either itinerant does not have the capacity to produce a bank statement for acquiring a French Visa from the USA. In that particular poignant situation, just request your friend—a permanent citizen of France—to assure French Consulate General in San Francisco that s/he is ready to bear your expenses. An affidavit of support is used for such assurance for acquiring French Visa from the USA.

Means of subsistence: It means to provide evidence to the French Embassy or consulate that the applicant has sufficient amount or financial resources to bear his/her expenditures during his stay in the Schengen country. In the absence of proof of accommodation or hotel booking, the applicant is bound to attest to the French Consulate or Embassy that he possesses daily cash equivalent to 120 euros.

The amount plummets to 65 euros per day if the foreigner—seeking entry in France—displays proof of prepaid accommodation.

The amount falls further to 32.25 euros per day if the applicant holds evidence of cheaper means of accommodation.

If employed:

Job agreement;

Bank statement;

And Income Tax Return.

If self-employed:

Legal license copy of itinerant’s business,

A bank statement

Income Tax Return (ITR).

If a student:

Enrollment documentation;

If retired:

6-month pension statement.

If applicable:

Regular income generated by property proof of the latest 6 months.

Recent nationwide criminal history check.

US work permit

Confirmation of participation in any type of event or activity

Self-addressed, pre-paid US express mail envelope (if applicable)

Documents proving the legal status in the US – original Alien Registration Card (Green Card), a Green card Stamp in your passport, an Advance Parole, or a valid US Visa must be provided along with a valid I-94 departure record. Students should also submit the original validated I-20, DS-2019 or IAP-66.

The US residence permit or visa should be valid at least 3 months beyond the intended departure from the Schengen member state territory.

Letter of continued employment including income statement. If you are self-employed a business license and tax return forms are required.

Step Six: Submit File

Submit the file at France Consulate General in San Francisco in person.

Provide biometric data. If you had already submitted it within the period of the past 59 months, then there is no need to resubmit the same again.

Exemptions are granted to following:

  • Children under the age of twelve;
  • Persons for whom the collection of fingerprints is physically impossible;
  • Heads of State and members of National Governments and their accompanying spouses, as well as the members of their official delegation when invited by Member States’ governments or by international organizations for an official purpose.

Step Seven: Track your Visa

Tracking your French Visa Application from the USA by simply entering unique reference number and last name.

Use the VFS online tracking application. To obtain information about your application, you will need to provide the reference number given to you and your last name.

Address of France Consulate General in San Francisco

88 Kearny St #600, San Francisco, CA 94108, USA.

Phone: +1 415-397-4330

San Francisco

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