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Schengen Visa Extension


One of the biggest issue while visiting the Schengen Area is an extension in the Schengen Visa.

Unforeseen events can occur during your stay in the Schengen Area. For example, a business person who wants to finish some unforeseen business or a patient advised by doctors to stay further in the Schengen Area for complete recovery or events that are beyond human control [i-e violent protests in the applicant’s home country, earthquakes, torrential downpour, war or any other similar event].

In aforesaid scenarios, the applicant is required to apply for an extension in the Schengen Visa otherwise authorities concerned will not allow him to stay in their respective country.

A Schengen Visa allows its holder to stay for 90 days in the Schengen Area within the given time period of 180 days. But for the majority of the applicant, the aforesaid duration is not enough.

Take the example of a tourist. It is highly unlikely for a backpacker or a group of backpackers to explore the rugged history, medieval architecture, and natural beauty of all 26 states of the Schengen Area within the authorized 90 days. Similarly, a patient—who is receiving treatment in Schengen Area—might receive a recommendation from his medical team aimed at expanding the stay for complete treatment. In such scenarios, the applicant will apply for a visa extension at the corresponding office.

The chances of getting an extension are bleak. However, there are some exceptions upon which the extension might be granted.

Schengen Visa Validity

Before deciding to apply to extend your Schengen visa, know the validity of the visa you hold and the visa-type you hold. A short stay-stay Schengen visa can be either:

Single-entry Visa

It means you will have a limited amount of days to remain in Schengen, and after you leave you have no right to go back.

Double-entry Visa

The possession of double-entry Schengen Visa allows its holder to enter the Schengen Area twice. However, there is no relaxation in the 90/180 rule.

Multiple-entry Visa

The multiple-entry Schengen Visa allows its holder to enter the Schengen Area as many times as he/she wants to in a certain period of time. However, a holder of multiple-entry Schengen Visa has also to abide by 90/180 rule. This means that a person possessing multiple-entry Schengen Visa can’t exceed his stay over three months within a period of six-month.

The holders of aforesaid visa can apply for visa extension, but for that purpose, the applicant should have a very solid reason.

In all cases, you can apply for a visa extension, if you have a strong reason why you wish to remain.

Following are the guidelines for applying for the extension in the Schengen Visa:

Schengen Visa Extension

Short-stay Schengen visa extensions are permitted by the regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EC) No. 810/2009 of 13 July 2009 establishing a Community Code on Visas (Journal of Laws of the EU of 2009 L243/1).

Despite that law is intact, the chances of acquiring an extension in the visa are very low and bleak. As per regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council, an extension might be given on the basis of the following reasons:

Late Entry

This remains a solid reason for applying for a visa extension, plausible only if the applicant holds a single-entry short-entry visa.

Let us illustrate this situation to you with an example. If the visa of the applicant becomes valid on March 5th, but he entered the Schengen Area on 20th March, he can apply for a two-week extension and is likely to get one.

Visa Extension on Humanitarian grounds

An applicant is likely to get an extension on humanitarian grounds. These may include treatment in case of medical complication, attending the funeral in case of sudden death of a friend or a family member or supporting a citizen of Schengen state who is passing through rough times.

Force Majeure

Force majeure or vis major meaning “superior force”, also known as cas fortuit (French) or casus fortuitus (Latin) “chance occurrence, unavoidable accident”, is a common clause in contracts that essentially frees both parties from liability or obligation when an extraordinary event or circumstance beyond the control of the parties, such as a war, strike, riot, crime, or an event described by the legal term act of God (hurricane, flood, earthquake, volcanic eruption, etc.), prevents one or both parties from fulfilling their obligations under the contract.

In the context of the aforementioned discussion, if something unexpected has occurred in the applicant’s home country, then he/she possesses fair chances of getting an extension in the Schengen short-stay visa. Force majeure includes war, conflict, violent protests, political unrest, earthquakes, torrential downpour or similar events.

However, if the situation persists in the applicant’s home country, then he/she will apply for a renewal of short-stay visa, in a bid to remain in the Schengen Area.

Important Personal Reasons

Chances of getting an extension in the stay in the Schengen Area on the basis of ‘important personal reasons’ are bleak. This may include an unplanned visit.

Schengen Visa extension Application Process

Schengen Visa Application Process

If an applicant wants to extend his validity of the Schengen Visa, then he will file an application in this regard.

The application for extension in stay in the Schengen Zone differs from the application for regular Schengen Visa.

The application should be filed before the expiry of the Schengen Visa. In case of not doing so, authorities concerned will deport you, no matter whatever the reasons are.

The best time to apply for an extension in the Schengen Visa is one-week prior before the expiry date of the visa.


There are certain documents that an applicant requires while applying for an extension in the visa.

Below is the list of the documents:

Once aforesaid documents are finalized, the applicant will book an interview appointment with immigration authorities online.

There are some Schengen states where an applicant isn’t required to book an interview.

Processing Time

It can take a few days or even months. Once the application for extension in duration of the Schengen Visa is filed, you can reside in the Schengen Area until the final verdict on the application emerges, even after the expiry of the visa.

However, the applicant can’t travel to other Schengen states or territories until the extension is not granted. If the extension is granted, the applicant can prolong his stay in the Schengen Area. In case the application is rejected, the applicant is bound to leave the particular area in two to three days.

Visa extension fee

Fee for extension in Schengen Visa is different from the normal visa fee. The amount depends upon the reasons that the applicant has penned down in the application. Also, if the applicant is applying for the first visa extension, authorities concerned may not charge him/her a single penny.

Fee for First Visa Extension

If the applicant is applying for visa extension for the first time, then he/she will not pay any fee in this regard if the application is based on the below-mentioned reasons:

  • Humanitarian reasons
  • Majeure reasons
  • Contrary to that, a fee equivalent to 30 EUR will be charged from the applicant if his/her application is based on any of the below-mentioned reasons:
  • Important personal reasons
  • Due to late entry

Fee for second visa extension

The applicant will pay a certain fee while applying for a second extension, whatever the reasons are. It is pertinent to mention that there is no waiver for the second extension and the applicant will pay a certain amount depending upon his/her age.

The cost of the second Schengen visa extension fee depends on the age of the applicant as following:

  • Minors need to pay a fee of 30 euros
  • Adults have to pay a fee of 60 euros

Just like regular visa fee, the money you deposited for extension in the duration of the Schengen Visa is non-refundable.


Schengen Visa Extension

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