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Embassy of Slovenia in New Delhi – Absolute Guide to applying for Slovenia Schengen Visa in India


Embassy of Slovenia in New Delhi processes Slovenia Schengen Visa applications (Slovenia short-stay visa applications) and Slovenia Residence Permit applications (Slovenia long-stay applications).

A Quick Guide About Slovenia

Located in Central Europe and spanning over an area of 20,273 kilometers-square, Slovenia is famous for its ski resorts, mountains, and lakes.

Lake Bled—located on the Julian Alps of Upper Carniolan region of northwestern Slovenia—is a glacial lake fed by hot springs and entices hundreds of thousands of happy wanderlusts from all over the world. Predjama Castle—a medieval gothic architecture—is a Cliffside castle and is termed as Europe’s most dramatic castle. Its four stories were built piecemeal starting from the 13th century and concluding in the 16th century.

Capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana, boasts a unique look because of an amalgamation of baroque architecture and 21st-century state-of-the-art structures, the latter of which has been designed by Joze Plecnik. Because of the vast canal system, Ljubljana is often dubbed as little Venice of Europe.

Owing to its abundant turquoise-green rivers, snow-capped peaks, and Venetian-inspired coastline, the country truly deserves the title of an ‘earthly paradise’. Its sophisticated cuisine and charming rustic culture become another alluring reason to explore this calm and peaceful destination.

Being part of the Schengen Zone, Embassy of Slovakia in New Delhi issues Slovakia Schengen Visa to those wanderlusts who want to spend up to 90 days in the country. Those itinerants who wish to stay for a period exceeding the three-month threshold will submit Slovakia long-stay visa applications.

Jurisdiction of Embassy of Slovenia in New Delhi

Besides covering all the states of India, the Embassy of Slovakia in New Delhi also processes visa applications submitted by those living in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal.

Visa Application Process at Embassy of Slovenia in New Delhi

To get your Slovakia Schengen Visa application approved in the first attempt, read this absolute and updated guide (as on the 18th of July 2019).

Step 1: Book Appointment

An applicant needs to book an appointment date for submitting an application at the Embassy of Slovenia in New Delhi. The application will be booked either by calling at the embassy’s number or by VFS Global.

Without a prior appointment, the Embassy of Slovenia in New Delhi will not entertain any application.

Embassy of Slovenia in New Delhi - Home Page

Embassy of Slovenia in New Delhi – Home Page


Embassy of Slovenia in New Delhi - Book Appointment

Embassy of Slovenia in New Delhi – Book Appointment


Embassy of Slovenia in New Delhi - Book Appointment 2

Embassy of Slovenia in New Delhi – Book Appointment 2

Step 2: Submit Biometric Data

If you are applying for the first time for Schengen Visa, then you will submit biometric data at the Embassy of Slovenia in New Delhi or the nearest visa application center. The biometric data includes a scan of ten fingers and a picture of the face.

Step 3: Collect Visa Docs

The third phase deals with the collection of mandatory and supporting documents. These documents include:

Application form: Application form can be downloaded from the Embassy of Slovenia in New Delhi. However; it is recommended to fill the form attentively as any unintentional or intentional mistake can result in visa rejection.

Furthermore, it is mandatory that the information provided on the application form matches the information provided on the other supporting and mandatory docs.

Legal travel document: While applying for the Slovenia Schengen Visa application, the itinerant must be in possession of an authentic passport. The travel document must have validation of at least three months after the itinerant’s scheduled date of returning from the host nation.

It must also have two empty pages so that the visa officer can mark an applicant’s arrival and departure dates.

Picture: Two passport-size pictures must accompany your Slovenia Schengen Visa application form.

Flight Reservation for Schengen Visa Application: A flight reservation for Schengen visa application is a document that provides details of an applicant’s availed route of flight with verifiable reservation codes, IATA codes and PNR codes.

Flight Reservation For Visa

Flight Reservation For Visa

Travel Health Insurance for Schengen Visa Application: A travel health insurance for Schengen Visa application is a mandatory document that accompanies itinerant’s visa application. A travel health insurance for the Slovenia Schengen visa application must cover medical expenses amounting to USD 50000 or EUR 30000.

Also, the validity of the travel health insurance for the Schengen Visa application must be in the whole Schengen Area.

Travel Insurance For Visa Service

Hotel Bookings for Visa Application: A hotel bookings for visa application states that the applicant has paid for availing accommodation facility in the host nation. Obliquely, it ensures to the visa officer that the applicant has sufficient funds to sponsor himself/herself during the course of his/her visit.

Hotel Bookings For Visa Service

Cover Letter: A well-crafted cover letter hikes the chances of visa approval of the itinerant manifold.

Means of subsistence for Schengen Visa: The European Commission, Article 7 of “The Instructions” states that if a foreigner is planning a visit to Slovenia, then he is required to attest owning cash equivalent to 56 euros per day.

The foreigner who enters Slovenian territory should be able to provide 75 euros as well.

Proof of solvency: To prove that you are in possession of enough funds to bear expenditures of during the course of your stay in Polish and Schengen territory, attach a bank statement with transactions of the previous 3 to 6 six months.

Step 4: Appear For Interview

After collecting docs, the itinerant will reach the Embassy of Slovenia on the day of the appointment for a formal interview with the staffers. The interview might span up to 30 minutes.

Step 5: Collect Visa Application

If approved, the itinerant can collect visas by personally appearing at the Embassy of Slovenia in New Delhi or by post. Usually, the embassy takes up to two weeks to arrive on a decision on the visa application.

Address of Embassy of Slovenia in New Delhi

A – 5/4, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi 110 057, India.

Telephone: + 91 11/ 41662891.

Visa section: +91 11/ 41662893

Fax: + 91 11 /41662895

Email: sloembassy.newdelhi@gov.si


Embassy of Slovenia in New Delhi

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